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What You Should Know About Passive Income And Property

Investing in property can be a great way to make passive income. If you’re consistent with your efforts, you could find yourself easily paying off debts, living well, and retiring early and comfortably. 

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Property isn’t the only way to make passive income. Passive income can come from other investments, as well as stocks, bonds, annuities, and so on. However, here we’re going to focus on what you should know about passive income and property. 

1. Passive Income With Rental Property

Rental property is one of the best ways to generate passive income. However, this is only really true if you plan on working with a property management company. Investing in property and being a landlord is a lot of work without one, and the income you make won’t be so passive. 


If you leverage turnkey investment properties, then almost everything is already done. All you need to do next is purchase the investment property, let the professionals handle it and collect your monthly cash flow. 

2. Making A Profit

Let’s say you have several rental income properties. Money can be made two ways. Many people rely on the revenue stream created by rental income.

The amount collected in rent should eventually be more than the amount you’re paying for taxes, mortgages, maintenance, and so on. It might take a while, but eventually you should be earning a decent amount in rental income each month.

Looking at properties with William Pitt can give you an idea of how much you’ll spend and how much you can expect to make. 

The other thing you can do is increase the value of the rental property and mining the equity that you build. 

Bear in mind that being successful at this will require a lot of research, and you might make mistakes in the beginning, just the same as any other venture.

You’ll want to make sure you visit properties, review tax histories, ensure the local market is appropriate, vet your tenants, and so on. As long as you do all of this and the property market is good, you can make money. 

3. Things To Remember 

When it comes to cash flow, not all properties are equal. Some investments can come with a higher risk, depending on what neighborhood they are in, for example.

A nice area with good schools is less risky and will likely offer higher appreciation over time, even if your monthly profits are smaller. 

It’s crucial that you don’t just let anybody move into your properties, either. You want the best tenants you can find.

A property in a lower income area might mean attracting tenants that won’t keep up with payments, don’t look after the property, move out without telling you, and more. 

It’s also likely that no matter what you do, you will have times where there is nobody living in your property. This means you’ll be paying for everything. Investing in a property that will always attract stable tenants is a wise move. 

Hiring a property manager to oversee your investment is one of the best things you’ll do for your venture, too. Unless you think you’ll genuinely enjoy being called up at 2 AM to fix a leak, then you should work with a management company. 

How To Invest In Real Estate With Less Than $100,000

Forget about your cryptocurrencies and stocks, real estate is still the best investment opportunity out there. The main issue with it is that large portions of the populations feel as though they’re sectioned off from it.

This is because investing in real estate demands that you have a lot of money. People are pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into different properties – it’s not something you can get involved in if you aren’t a high earner.

At least, that’s what most people think. However, as you will see in this article, you can invest in real estate with less than $100,000.

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Put A Deposit On A Mortgage

If you have less than $100,000 ready to invest, then you probably can’t buy a house outright. But, what you can do is use your money to put a deposit down on a mortgage.

This will give you access to money that you can use to buy a house. From here, you have many options at your disposal. You can either rent the property out and collect monthly income, or you can try flipping the property to earn a profit on what you paid.

Naturally, you still have to pay off your mortgage, so remember that when you flip your property to ensure you make enough to cover that. With monthly rent, you can use tenant payments to pay off your mortgage bit by bit until it’s gone. Either way, you’re the proud owner of a property, and you invested less than $100,000.

Invest In A REIT

So many people are unaware of REITs. For those that don’t know, this stands for real estate investment trust. It’s this idea that you invest your money in the trust, and gain access to income-producing real estate.

You’ve basically bought shares in the real estate that the REIT owns, get it? As this Rich Uncles review shows, you can start investing in REITs with as little as $500. Obviously, the more you invest, the more shares you own, meaning the more money you get back.

With a REIT, you could have money in various different properties all generating a monthly income. It’s one of the most affordable ways to make money from the real estate market.

Buy Some Land

When you think of real estate, you think of houses and other buildings. But, land comes under the same category too. What’s more, the land is considerably cheaper than buying properties.

Especially if you’re buying farmland, which is cheap and presents many opportunities for you. Now, you can easily get your hands on over 10 acres for under $100,000 – I think the most expensive farmland is around $6,000 per acre, and the cheapest is about $1,000 per acre.

With this much land, you can start a farm and make money from it. Or, you can sell the land on to other people when it improves in value. Or, my favorite idea, you can contact wind energy providers and tell them they can install a wind turbine on your land. They’ll pay you for this, and you’ll keep getting regular income from it. A smart way to invest in real estate if you want to stay away from properties.

There you go; three ways you can invest in real estate with less than $100,000!


5 Top Secret Sauce Of Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is one of those things that everyone thinks will make them a fortune – but it’s simply not the case. Going in blind can end up costing you more than you bargained for, and it’s vital to do your homework.

Don’t forget, competition in the real estate market can be fierce, too, so staying ahead of the rest should be your ultimate priority. With this in mind, we thought we would reveal some of the secrets to real estate that all pro investors understand. Let’s take a look with some of the most valuable tips you will learn about buying and selling a property.



It’s all about pricing

If you want to start making money through real estate, you have to study pricing in the area that interests you. Some houses on the market will be pitched just about right. Others will be asking way over the odds.

But the sweet spot is those properties that are a fair price but are located in an area where demand is accelerating. It’s these kinds of areas that will often give you the highest return over the shortest period.

Search for local services

The best real estate investors know how to spot an up-and-coming area. The pros look at a location and find out whether there are plans for redevelopment in the future. For example, a particular location might be run down right now.

But if the local state or city have it marked down to build new schools, coffee shop areas, and other services, you can guarantee house prices will skyrocket. Again, it might only take a few years for those market prices to rise and give you an incredibly healthy return on your investment.

They know when to sell

Not all real estate investments pay off – and you will have to accept that. However, the best investors understand they can’t keep hold of a duff investment as it will end up losing them money. When you start to invest, it’s important to be able to find trusted home buyers in your area who you know will take your property off your hands when the time comes.

It will free up your portfolio and give you the injection you need to buy elsewhere, as well as save you a lot of time and energy on a home that won’t sell elsewhere.

They understand schools

Schools have an enormous impact on house prices – and the market can go crazy in certain scenarios. Even the appointment of a new principal at a poor-performing school can have a positive effect. Parents will flock to the area if they think it will give their children an advantage – and they will be willing to pay big bucks for it.

So, keep your ears to the ground with regards to your local education system. And if a principal with an exceptional record in turning around underachieving schools shows up, it might be time to invest in some property.

They are prepared to travel

Finally, all cities and states have their expensive areas, but there is usually no value in buying property there. Travel out of these regions and focus on developing areas and in just a few years, it will be a different story.

Once a major city or town starts to become overpriced, the outskirt towns will almost always follow suit at a later date. And if you are savvy enough to buy when the prices are low, you can make a killing.