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Is Technology Revolutionizing Employees Training?

Talents Education Training Skills Hand Can LeaveThe rapid developments in technology that we see every year are changing every aspect of our lives. The way that employees are trained at work is no exception. Traditionally, employees would sit down and watch a boring training video or listen to a lecture and then complete workbook style tasks to learn new things.

This was a pretty ineffective method because, although it didn’t cost the company much, it wasn’t very engaging at all and lots of employees would come away not having learned much at all. Now technology is bringing us newer, more effective ways of improving our skills. Here are some of the ways that technology is revolutionizing employee training.

Online Qualifications

If employees wanted to get promotions in the past, they often found that they were unqualified and their career progression came to a grinding halt. There was no way that they could take a few years out of their job to get the qualifications that they needed so they had no option but to watch new employees overtake them and rise to new heights that were unavailable to them.

Now that is all changing. You can do complete online mba programs these days, so you can get qualified at your own pace from home and get the promotion that you deserve. There are so many different qualifications that you can take online so you don’t need to be worried about taking time off work.

Access To Information

Employee training no longer needs to be limited to specific sessions, or even to work hours. With improved access to information, they can learn anything that they need to at the click of a button.

That means if they are unsure of a certain process, they don’t need to wait until the next training session to learn it, they can just bring up the information on their computer and read it at their leisure. They can also access it on their own time at home if they feel that they need to brush up on certain things.

This allows employees to start training before they have even started their new job. As long as they have access to company portals, they can turn up on their first day fully prepared, meaning that employers don’t need to pay somebody for a week of training when they won’t be doing anything productive within the company.

Social Learning

Having a social platform at work which employees can use to communicate with one another is a valuable training tool. Collaboration with others is the best way to be effective in business and social platforms improve this no end.

Everybody will have their own set of skills and knowledge so being able to consult each other on various areas that might be a shortfall of yours is a great way to ensure that everybody knows everything that they need to as well as creating a better working culture in the office.

Blended Approach   

Lots of companies are now opting for a blended approach between traditional forms of training and new technologies. For example, employees can watch an instructional video and then try out those new skills on a mock-up version of the systems that they will eventually be using when they start their job. This method is much better for retaining information because they are actively participating rather than just watching.