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3 Simple Ways To Flex Your Eco-Friendly Muscles In Business

As an entrepreneur, your primary motivation when setting up your new business will be ensuring that your cash flow remains fluid. Without a steady money stream, your supply chain can ground to a halt, you can fail to provide a quality service or product, and your reputation can quickly slide.


However, once you have established your business entity within your sector, the motivation shifts from making money to saving money.


One of the simplest ways to make economic savings is to focus on your green credentials.


With a bit of thought and initial investment, you can do your bit towards saving the planet and make crucial financial savings for your company.

Take a look at these three simple ways that could see you saving money in an environmentally aware way. 


Even if you don’t work in a rural, farming or outdoors based industry, you can still save a ridiculous amount of money when it comes to your water usage. Running and dripping taps waste an extortionate amount of money each year across homes and businesses.

Lackadaisical attitudes towards utilities means that needless money literally falls down the drain. Instead of relying on mains water and paying for the privilege, consider exploring companies like National Poly Industries and obtaining some heavy duty water tanks that will collect rainwater for you to reuse.

This could be to wash vehicles, water plants or to irrigate land. By recycling water, you are flexing your Eco-credential muscles, being less wasteful and saving money.

2. Cycle-To-Work Scheme

Encouraging your employees to take a greener mode of transport to work may not appear to save your company money in the first instance. However, by empowering your workforce to decide for themselves how they will work and where they will work, this naturally boosts morale.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, meaning that you can enjoy a greater quantity and better quality of work from your employees.

At the same time, using less gas guzzling cars and encouraging remote working means that you do your bit for the environment and allow your company to welcome the advent of flexible working with open arms.

3. Solar Power

If you have the money in the bank, it may be wise to invest some of this nest egg into future proofing your business. Solar panels, while expensive to initially install, can pay for themselves within a decade and help you run a carbon and money neutral enterprise.

Imagine heating your premises using the power of the sun, without having to hook up and utilize mains gas or electricity. It can be done. Many companies are now choosing to go down a more self sufficient route embracing more control and saving money on their utility bills.


While saving the planet won’t be the first motivation for your business plans, embracing greener ways of working can save money. From a PR perspective, your business can project itself as forward thinking and environmentally aware, and you can enhance your reputation as a frugal, economically sound and Eco-friendly startup.