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Make Customer Loyalty Your Number One Priority


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For your business to be a success, you only need to hit one target. You have to keep your customers loyal.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the most efficient business model available or whether you are delivering the best product on the market.

If you keep your customers loyal, they will always buy. If they always buy, you’ll never go out of business. Even in times of economic uncertainty, your business will be making enough money to stay open.

This is the only goal you need to strive for. Forget about expansion and focus completely on customer retention.

Let’s look at some of the ways that you’ll keep customers coming back for more.

  1. Sell Quality Products/Services

As we already said, you don’t need to deliver the best product on the market. You do, however, need to ensure that the product you’re selling is of high quality.

This is true for any business, and it has to meet some basic standards if you want to keep customers loyal.

For instance, if you’re working in manufacturing you need to guarantee a quality build. It should have a long lasting life and should not fall apart after a short period.

You can all but guarantee this if you use the right adhesive, such as Durus KS351. Remember, though; your quality checks shouldn’t stop once the product has been made. You need to make sure the packaging is of high quality as well.

You will also want to guarantee that the delivery service is up to standards. All this should be quality controlled.

Of course, for other businesses it’s the service that needs to be of high quality. For instance, you might be running a cleaning company. Work to ensure that when you clean a room, it is left pristine. There shouldn’t be any sign that employees have completed a half dash job.

There’s only so much you can guarantee by delivering a high-quality product to your customers. You can guarantee they will keep buying if the product is affordable.

If it is too expensive, you’re in trouble and your business close all too quickly. There are lots of reasons why costs are pushed up and price rises.

2. Outsource Services

For instance, your business model might be completely inefficient. All but a guarantee if you are not using some form of outsourcing. Outsourcing is the simplest way to save money in the business model.

Through outsourcing, you can pass on the costs to another business and just get the service. It’s a great possibility that we strongly suggest you do consider. It has become a fundamental part of the manufacturing business in particular.

Another way to cut the cost so that you can lower prices is to increase your market. If you can aim to sell to more customers, you can afford to lower your prices.

You’ll still be making the same amount of money, selling to more people. Again, you don’t have to sell your product at the best price on the market. It just needs to be close enough to other key players.

3. Reward Loyal Customers

How do you reward customers for staying loyal to your business? Some companies would argue that delivering a quality product at a low price should be a good enough reward.

Customers might not be completely satisfied with this idea, though. They might demand something more from your business. Thus, you need to look for a different form of a reward, and we suggest a deal.

Every so often, loyal customers should be offered deals. You can keep this exclusive to customers who have already bought from your business, using mailing lists.

Reward schemes are a great way to boost your brand and remind customers to shop with you. In particular, you should focus these rewards on when customers are more likely to buy your product. For instance, there’s no point advertising Christmas light prices in the middle of July.

4. Build Relation with Customers

Finally, if you want to keep customers loyal to your business, you just need to show them that you care. You have to make sure they know that their happiness if your top priority.

It’s easy to do this these days by staying active and interacting with customers as much as possible. A lot of businesses now use social media accounts.

However, you can also contact them directly through email or even calling. It’s not cold calling if you’re checking in rather than trying to promote a sale.

We hope you have found this advice helpful and keep your customers loyal as well as happy.


5 Winning Tips on How to Offer Effective Customer Care Services


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We all understand that customers are the heartbeats of any business and they play a very significant role in determining the success or failure of our businesses.

Regardless of how great your products or services are, you cannot move to the next level without establishing a strong direct relationship with your customers.

Remember that your customer care service team represents the face of your business and how they interact with customers defines how the organization’s image is portrayed to the public domain.

Therefore, improved cutting-edge customer care service is the ultimate yardstick to any business success.

The following tips are essential in helping your customer care service team deliver outstanding results to all your customers.

1. Proper Training

Equip them with the right skills so that they can understand how to deal with customers of different backgrounds. We must acknowledge and appreciate the fact that people are different and so do our customers.

Therefore, the customer service team should be trained and equipped with skills on how to be patience, flexible, compassionate and consistent.

Such skills will help them handle different kinds of customers who come with different moods and be able to deal with them in a professional way by providing equal levels of services at any given time.

2. Create a Winning Impression

Ensure that customer care team is capable of making a very nice first impression when they engage with customers. Remember that first opinions concerning the business are formed in about 10 seconds when the client interacts with the service team.

They should be welcomed warmly as a sign that their presence is a gift to the business. When you are done attending to the customers, it is highly encouraged to thank the customers as a sign of appreciation for choosing your business.

3. Communication

Clear communication is key while dealing with customers. Ensure that customers’ queries are attended to as fast as possible with a detailed response.

The way you respond to customers inquiry also matters and all responses must be provided with an encouraging and positive language.

Regularly review your letters and emails to ensure that the messages sent to your clients are appealing and personalized as this makes them feel more important and valued.

Never respond to queries in a bad mood and as a good customer care, you should never end a conversation without confirming that the customer is satisfied and all their needs are met.

4. Customize customer service

Create different clusters of customers and treat them differently. Always engage your customers and determine the new and existing clients.

Ensure that you handle your new clients in a satisfactory manner so as to create confidence and long-lasting relationships.

The existing and long-term clients can be appreciated by rewarding them accordingly from time to time as well as introducing referral coupon programs.

By so doing, you will win the customers trust and this will mark the genesis of long-term customer loyalty.

5. Customers’ Feedback

Always encourage customers’ feedback. This is because customers have different tastes and preferences and they can help you see your business service in a different angle.

Create a personal touch with your customers apart from having automated responses such as FAQs. Customers require individuals who can engage with them in social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and listen to their voices.

Thus, ensure your customer care support team is within reach and any client can get the required assistant in a satisfactory manner.

Circulating an online customer’s experience survey to your customer’s mailing list can as well boost the service delivery because customers are able to give finer details.