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How’s The Working Culture In Your Office?

If there is anything that an entrepreneur should always be concerned with, it is the well-being and the happiness of the people under them. No matter how long your business has been trading, or what kind of experience you have personally, keeping your employees in a good way is something you can never overlook or ignore for long. office

Of course, there are many approaches you can make here, but one of the most central is to ensure that the working culture in your office is as it should be. So what are the signs of a positive working culture?

Relaxed, Yet Productive

You want thing to get done, and in good time. That much is clear, but how is such an effect to be achieved? Actually, it turns out that being productive and being relaxed tend to go hand in hand. Rushing or stressing to get things done faster is actually something of a false economy.

You are much more likely to achieve what you want in the time-frame you want if you slow down and relax a little. It is just as true when you apply this to the wider community of your workplace. If you can do whatever you can to influence a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere, you will find that the productivity levels soon go through the roof.

You might not believe this until you see it – but it is worth giving it a go if you have never done so before. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be strict, of course – just the overall vibe is a relaxed one. Try it out, and see what a profound difference it can really make.


Your employees have the right to feel safe in the workplace, no matter what. It doesn’t actually make a difference whether it is an office or a warehouse, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your people as safe as possible. This might well be easier said than done,but nor is it all that hard once you look into it properly.

If you take a look at this wipsen.org article, you will see that there are a number of things that you need to ask yourself in relation to safety in the office – but they are all relatively simple things to solve. One of the most central aspects here is the ability to recognize risk. As long as you’re doing that, your people will feel safe and your working culture will be marked by a distinctive feeling of safety too. This helps massively in any workplace.


The ability to work in a team is often cited as one of the main qualities that employers look for, in many different fields around the world. There is a very good reason for that, and it is that teams abound in every industry. Every workplace is a team, and within it there will always be smaller teams too.

The best workplaces are those which have a sense of cooperation, rather than competition or downright animosity. This is actually one of the harder things to achieve, but with a little coaxing it can soon become a quality of any workplace in the world. The way to bring about a sense of co-operation in your workplace is to simply live it yourself.

Be as useful as you can to other people in your workplace, do everything you can to go out of your way to help them at all times. Soon enough, this comes back to you, and before you know it you have a culture of open co-operation – something which is going to benefit absolutely any company in the world. Get this particular quality right, and your business just might boom that little bit quicker and more profoundly.


If there is one quality which a business needs among its staff, it is communication. Like any good relationship, a business also relies heavily on communication. Strong communication is that which is direct, clear, honest and open – and too many workplaces today lack exactly these features in their communicative efforts.

See http://money.howstuffworks.com for more on workplace communication. If you think your workplace could do with a little more of this, then one great way to make that happen is to hold a training day every now and then, in which your employees learn to trust each other more in their communication with one another.

Such events can make a huge difference fast. It is well worth considering such a day if your business is struggling, or your people do not look entirely happy.

4 Tips on Improving Your Startup’s Success Rate

No matter how much time and money you pour into your first startup, it’s most likely going to fail. This is just one of the things you’ll have to accept when it comes to business: your first ideas are going to suck and you have to learn from failures.start-up

There’s a saying that people in the world of business regularly quote: fail faster. It’s the idea that the faster you fail, the faster you’ll find success. While it’s true to some degree (even the most exceptional entrepreneurs of our time have failed before) it doesn’t mean you should purposely fail just for the sake of learning.

If you really want to improve the rate of success of your first business venture, then here are a few ways to do so.

Know your competition

If you aren’t sure who you’re competing against then it’ll be difficult trying to stand out. You can’t really go head to head with larger companies because they have more advertising power than you, but you still need a way to separate yourself from the competition and it’s vital that you do you market research.

Perhaps there’s a niche in the market that your competition is too afraid to invest in. If so, that’s the area you need to focus your resources on. Maybe your competitors don’t like focusing on customer service and, as a result, they have a poor reputation when it comes to customer support. You could capitalize on this by focusing your efforts on giving your customers a better experience.

Focus on a single product at the start

Diversification is important, but you want your business to be known for something specific at the beginning. Market it, use it as a vessel to promote your brand, and take it seriously. Listen to your audience for feedback, and tweak the product to perfectly fit their needs.

Don’t be too humble and listen to everything they say, but make sure you consider all of their suggestions. Once you’ve perfected a single product, you can then start adding more to your lineup in order to expand your reach and diversify your brand name.

Don’t neglect communication

Whether it’s setting up a social media account to speak with your customers or setting up a phone line for your investors to call, you need to focus on communication. As a startup, it can be difficult looking for the perfect communications solution for your audience.

However, something like a Commander Centre phone could be perfect if you don’t have money to hire a customer support team or even just a receptionist.

Know how to save money

Startups are usually strapped for cash, which is why it’s important to find ways to cut costs whenever possible. For instance, instead of hiring new employees every time you need something new done, consider outsourcing as a new possibility.

They’ll help you get your tasks done quicker, you won’t need to worry about their salary, and it’s cheaper because you pay per job they do. This is just one way to cut the costs of your business, but it’s important that you learn the difference between being a frugal business that understands value, and a cheap business that abandons quality.

3 Things You Should Improve On To Run A Good Business

Even if you’ve mastered something, you can always do with improving! That goes for business and all the aspects involved with running a business as well!


There are a lot of aspects to running a business and all of them could do with improving, even if you think you’re at the top of your game in business. From treating people with respect to making sure you’re keeping up to date with software, if you improve your business skills in various areas, you’re sure to succeed!

good business.png


If you aren’t going to get to grips with the ever advancing world of tech, make sure you hire someone who will. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind.

Technology can do some much for our businesses that it can be a serious waste of time, effort, resources and money to avoid it. Some software applications can seriously simplify tasks right down to a point where you’d be insane to miss out on it!

Technology is always advancing and if you don’t get a hold of it or work to understand its various applications in the workplace, you’ll be missing out. This is especially true if you’re a budding entrepreneur where your time, is money.

Even if you do understand technology, we can always improve our working knowledge of it to find new ways to make the everyday a bit more extraordinary.


Discipline in the workplace doesn’t revolve around punishments and the like for your staff. Discipline comes down to focus and that goes for you more than anybody else in the office.

A business that is run by a focused mind is going to succeed more than a business ran by someone who keeps procrastinating. Keep your eye on the prize at all time.

Of course, it does also mean keeping your staff in line, but don’t go overboard. Fun should still be allowed in the workplace, it just shouldn’t come at the expense of productivity.

Reward your staff when they do well, but offer them a helping hand when they are down. If someone is upset, roaring at them isn’t going to transform them into a beacon of productivity for your team. This also goes for yourself, if you’re self-employed. Be forgiving and reward yourself.


A lot of business is done through talking, so make sure you always know what to say. This also means treating your clients and employees with respect as well as keeping an open and honest workplace where everyone knows their duties and responsibilities.

The efficiency and productivity of your workplace stems from, how well of a communicator you are, how efficient you are with words, and how good you are at advice and explaining issues.

There are plenty of tools on offer to ensure you’re doing a good job of communicating in the workplace. Applications like Skype can help you keep in touch with your employees wherever you are and a remote mailing address can ensure that you can pick up and forward your mail no matter where you are based.