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Out of Office: Running A Business On The Go!


You know longer need to be chained to an office desk to conduct business. Technology has enabled us all to operate business from anywhere on the globe – providing you have a phone and wi-fi. If your business has you traveling around a lot, or you want to save costs on an office, here are some ways that you can operate a business on the go.


Get on the cloud

Having your files all stored up on a computer hard-drive is limiting and a waste of storage space. Businesses are now transferring all their files and programs to the cloud. This frees up memory on your PC but also allows you to access these files from any device in any location, providing you have the password.

This allows you to start work on a document on your PC at home and then continue it on your smartphone or tablet whilst on the go. Previous issues of being unable to view a spreadsheet because you’re out the office can be solved by storing on the cloud. You can

This allows you to start work on a document on your PC at home and then continue it on your smartphone or tablet whilst on the go. Previous issues of being unable to view a spreadsheet because you’re out the office can be solved by storing on the cloud. You can

You can visit Tierpoint for details on the services cloud providers can offer. Many cloud computing companies can also secure your files with firewalls and encryption beyond any digital security software that you’d be able to afford for your own PC.

Sync up your devices

Operating on multiple devices requires syncing them all up. Putting all your files on the cloud can help, but you may also want to ensure they all have access to your work emails, have all the appropriate programs and apps downloaded and that no information can be accessed on one but not the other. You can even get a cloud-powered phone number which will ring on all devices.

Buy a portable charger

Being on the move means that you’ll always want to be powered up. Whilst most coffee shops and even some public transport such as trains now have plug sockets, not everywhere is as equipped. To save you scrambling around town for a charging station, buy yourself a portable charger so that you can operate your laptop, tablet or smartphone from any train carriage or park bench without having to worry about your battery. There are even

To save you scrambling around town for a charging station, buy yourself a portable charger so that you can operate your laptop, tablet or smartphone from any train carriage or park bench without having to worry about your battery. There are even solar powered portable chargers available.

Digitally share diaries

New diary apps and programs such as MyOffice allow you to share diaries with colleagues and employees. This allows everyone to be aware of one another’s schedules at all times. For teams of staff that are all on the go, this can be useful for arranging events and knowing when and when isn’t an appropriate time to contact somebody.

Be creative with meetings

Meetings needn’t only be conducted from the confines of an office. More and more people are using coffee bars and cafes as meeting points. You can aim to cut the distance traveled for both parties by finding a midpoint between the pair of you. Alternatively, you can cut out time and money spent traveling altogether and opt for video conferences using Skype.

What Are The Safest Investment Ideas?

No investment is entirely risk-free. However, there are some options in which the odds are certainly much more favorable. Whether you have a small amount of money or a large sum to play with, you’ll want to invest wisely in order to get the largest return possible. This means doing a lot of shopping around.

If you have the funds, an investment broker may be worth investing in – a professional who can do the shopping around for you and place money into the right stocks at the right time. Of course, hiring a broker does take trust and many may prefer to save the money by taking the gamble yourself.


If you’re currently unsure where to put your money here are some of the safest bets that might be worth researching further.


Getting on the property ladder is hard work, but once you’re on the first rung, moving onwards and upwards gets a lot easier. Most property naturally appreciates over time, so if you have the funds to pay off a mortgage you can sit on a property a few years and slowly get your return.

Of course, there are faster methods such as renting out property – in which your rent covers the mortgage. This entails a lot of work as you have to ensure there is always a tenant and that various laws are always met and that repairs are always carried out on time. However, if you eventually decide to stop renting and sell, you will earn the entire value of the house plus any appreciation value it has gathered over time.

Renovating property is another popular option – which involves doing up a house to increase its value and then selling. Other techniques can include buying big and downsizing, buying a house in an upcoming area or flipping property. With new properties being built all the time and interest at an all-time low, there has never been a better time to invest in real estate.


Gold is never going to become worthless, unless we uncover a massive gold mine on another planet one day. Prices tend to fluctuate but will always return to a steady incline, many considering it a ‘safe haven’. Political tension is currently causing many investors to turn away from company shares in exchange for gold.

You should always research gold firms to make sure they have a consistent A + rating. This investment is suitable for any amount of money, although you should make sure the gold you’re buying is something you can sell when you need to.

Social Media

Only recently has this become a big area for investors, largely because the forecast has been difficult to read until now. Sites like Myspace proved that a social media site could become hugely popular and then fade away in a few years.

Many worried this may be the case with Facebook and Twitter, however, they have proven their stability and only seem to be growing, making it unlikely that a new social media giant will come along and seize the day anytime soon.

In fact, like Google, these social media platforms have almost wiped out all competition (although Instagram and LinkedIn are also still relatively safe bets). Having a good understanding of how social media works, and where to invest is important. This site offers more information on the matter.

Cloud technology

Investing in new technology can be risky, especially in this fast-paced digital age. You may find the next big thing, but another next big thing may come along eventually and swallow it up (for example vinyl being replaced by cassettes and then CDs and then downloads and now streaming services like Spotify).

Right now, cloud technology appears to be the next big thing – growing at a rapid 28% year by year. More businesses are seeing the potential of cloud storage – a technology that allows you to work on information remotely from any location without using storage spaces on your personal devices – and this seems to be the forecast for the next few years.

Perhaps a new intangible technology will replace it in years to come, but it’s unlikely to just be a fad. As a short-term investment, it may be the most profitable right now.


Digital security is much needed in this constantly growing digital world. Software is constantly having to evolve to protect against new viruses and hacking methods. This makes it a good source of investment, that’s likely to be profitable for years to come.

Whilst investing in startups can be risky, new businesses in the cyber security industry may be some of the most profitable. Creating digital security software may cost some money, but maintaining it doesn’t (unlike other companies that may require office space or large workforces to pay for). This means the profits will always be larger. It’s one of the few investments which benefits both the startup and investing firm.

As with all other investment plans, you should do your research first. Get to know the startup owner and their background to ensure that their business plan won’t be a flop.

Renewable energy

Oil prices have started to bottom out as more and more people are becoming environmentally aware. Businesses are going all-renewable as a way of marketing their business and even homeowners are starting to fuel their homes on renewable sources such as solar energy in order to cut their electricity bill.

As a result, there’s never been a better time to invest in renewable energy. With the demand constantly growing, more and more wind farms and solar panel companies and electric car manufacturers are springing up.

Wind farms have become a particularly popular option due to how lucrative they have proved to be. Once set up, wind farms require hardly any funds to keep running resulting in a huge profit.

Of course, you should always gather background knowledge before going down this avenue – you don’t want to invest in the construction of a wind turbine, only for it to be ripped down by a local council two years later because the neighbours found it an eyesore and petitioned for its removal. Get to know the location in which you are investing your money and whether the people there are behind environmental projects.

Foreign currency

Due to today’s political climate, you could argue that this is very risky investment strategy. However, as a short-term money-making scheme, it can gain you a healthy return, so long as you keep abreast of foreign news and currency exchange rates.

Track the history of a foreign currency so that you can get an idea of where it’s headed and how volatile it has been in the past. Find one that seems to have a fairly predictable curve to it and make this your currency of choice.

Unlike other investments, you can pour pretty much any amount of money into this from several grand to £10. Of course, you will have to take into account the transfer cost, which varies massively from company to company. Transfer companies will often provide different rates for different amounts, so bear this in mind.

ETFs are generally a safe bet as you don’t have as much leverage-related risks. CurrencyShares and WisdomTree are two of the largest and most reliable ETF providers. Those that want to invest in foreign currency directly should look into Forex trading.

The Most Worthwhile Investments for Your Growing Startup


start-upWhen does a startup become a fully-fledged business? If you’re like many entrepreneurs around the world, then that occurs when you have to make an all-important decision: how do you expand? It doesn’t matter if you’re selling fresh doughnuts from the back of a van or designing logos and banners for high-profile clients, you graduate from being a startup when you’re presented with a choice on how to grow your brand.

But there are many paths that your business can take. Do you take production into your own hands and start a factory? Do you expand into the global market? Do you take on more competition by encroaching on another company’s territory? While these are all very expensive and challenging goals, some of them are more productive and beneficial to your company than others. Here are a few examples of the most worthwhile investments for your growing startup.

Accounts and Lawyers

Maybe you’re completely capable of doing the finances on your own, but is it really worth your time and effort? Accountants will negate all the tough work involved in sorting out taxes and managing your budget. They’ll be your advisors, offering you expert advice on how to efficiently operate your business.

Lawyers are also mandatory when your business starts to grow. As you gain more attention, more imitators will pop up trying to seize and opportunity in stealing your customers, and the only way to swat them away is to hire lawyers that are capable of shutting down copycats.

Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you have no audience to buy your products or services. The goal is to make sure your customers feel valued. Send them emails celebrating their purchase, give them messages on their birthdate, send them exclusive deals and provide the best customer service that the world has ever seen.

Don’t outsource your customer service to a cheap third-party company that doesn’t understand your product or your customers. Invest in proper in-house customer service where you customers can speak to real, knowledgeable people that can help them with their issues and queries.


Production doesn’t have to mean an entire factory or production line. While it’s a good investment if you’re doing particularly well in your industry, it’s simply far too expensive for a budding startup to think about.

However, there are times when a couple of specialized machines can save you money in the final production process. Let’s take 3D printing for example. There’s no getting around the cost of having your products made, but do you also need to request for them to be painted and finished as well? Absolutely not.

The raw product can be sent to you and you can invest in something like powder spraying areas to add color and the final touches to a product before it’s packaged and sold.

Cloud Technology

The cloud is ripe with cheap solutions to your problems. Are you suffering from failing storage hardware that needs to be replaced? Then look to the cloud for an alternate method of storage that can be accessed from anywhere. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s also safer.

Cloud storage is extremely secure and doesn’t suffer from physical damage like your current storage mediums. You can expand the security services and accessibility by investing more money, and it’s certainly more cost effective and productive than buying physical hardware replacements and hiring an engineer to fix it.