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4 Tips on How to Turn Your Idea into a Business

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Having an idea is one thing, but turning it into a successful venture is another story. You can be passionate about your idea but that doesn’t mean it will work out.

Running a business is a difficult task, one that many fail to fully grasp.

If you think you’re idea has potential, there are things you can do to make it work. This isn’t going to be easy however, so if you’re not prepared to commit to it – don’t do it.


1. Commit Your Time and Resources

Of course, we all know that starting a business is a costly process. It’s what puts many people off from ever starting a company, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Turning your idea into a successful business is a rewarding process. If only you put enough effort in, you can become the next big thing.


2. Start Small

Don’t think that just because you don’t have enough experience it’s not going to work out. Everyone has to start somewhere so even if things don’t quite work out at first, you can still achieve greatness.

So, you have an idea now what? Many people never progress above this stage. If you want to be successful, it’s crucial that you stay focused.

Come up with a strong plan and think about all the things you’ll need to make your business work. Work out how much money you will need to invest, and try to compile a list of all the resource you will require.

Having a strong plan can help you a lot, especially when starting out. Without knowing what you want to get out of your business, you can never be successful.


3. Plan for Expansion

Once you’re satisfied that you have a strong foundation to build upon, it’s time to start figuring out how to get to the next stage.

As mentioned above, you can’t start a business without investing some money into it. Not all of us are rich, so it might be necessary for you to find funding elsewhere.

Working capital can be difficult to get, but there are ways to do it. Loans are available from many sources, so depending on your situation it might be possible for you to borrow money.

Crowd-funding is also becoming extremely popular. If you have an idea you think will appeal to people, you can always try raising the funds yourself.

People are becoming more open to the idea of funding projects they feel passionate about. If you’re able offer intriguing rewards for those who support you, this could be the perfect way of raising funds. Even if it doesn’t end up working out, at least try it.


4. Become Dynamic and Embrace Change

There are many things that running a business involves, most of which will only become apparent as time progresses. A good business owner is a good problem-solver. You never know what’s going to occur, so embrace it and see it as a challenge.

If you’re serious about running a business and you have a great idea, don’t hesitate – get the ball rolling today. All it takes is a little effort, but the results can be life-changing.

Can keeping your office tidy lead to increased productivity?



tidyAs much as we would all love a tidy office, some of us just aren’t natural born organizers.

It’s a skill that some find easy but, even the messiest people can enjoy a well-organized office.

It is a proven fact that a clean and tidy working environment can lead to increased productivity.

Clutter can be a distraction, so why not give your office a summer transformation.

There are many ways to keeping your office tidy. Don’t worry if this isn’t something you find easy – you can still do it.


1. Motivation

Getting motivated to organize can be the most difficult stage of the whole process. Since we often associate cleaning with chores and work, our brains tend to reject it.

The key to getting motivated is making the process as enjoyable as possible. It can be as easy as playing your favorite music in the background or lighting a scented candle.

Create an atmosphere you feel relaxed in and the whole process will be a lot more enjoyable.


2. Plan

If you know you’re going to struggle, come up with a plan before starting. You can even spread the process out over a couple of days.

Work each day to cross off an item of your list, and within a week your office can be spotless. Planning ahead can be useful, especially if you know you’re not going to be able to remain motivated.

Make the process work for you. Instead of dreading it, do it your way and you will succeed.


3. When to ask for help

Some of us aren’t great organizers. If you are busy or need some help getting started, getting a person a service to help you can be the perfect solution.

Depending on where you live, there are many commercial cleaning services around. Companies like United Unlimited Cleaning, specialize in cleaning offices.

As mentioned above, there are many such services out there, so if needed find one closest to you.


4. A change of routine

Once your office is nice and tidy, it’s crucial that you keep it that way. Changing your routine to include even a few minutes of organizing time a week, can be the solution.

You don’t want your office to go back to being a mess. With a little effort you can transform your desk and increase productivity.

Getting used to the idea of cleaning and making the experience enjoyable are the key to a tidy office.

A clean office is a productive office. If you think the time has come for you to finally tackle the mess – just do it. Instead of putting it off and waiting for things to get worse, find motivation and get it done.

There’s nothing worse than a messy work environment.

Perhaps cleaning your office will lead to a new idea or a solution to a problem you’ve been stuck with.

Don’t let your office ruin your chances of success. Take things into your own hands and with time, cleaning your office will seem natural.


4 Factors that determines new Business Success or Failure


Starting a business does not guarantee immediate success. Research has showed that more than 90% of the newly established businesses fail to flourish in their early stages.

New businesses are faced with a lot of uncertainties. If entrepreneurs are not well prepared to handle these hiccups, there are higher chances that their business will not succeed.

What does it take to have a successful business?


Well, this is a question that every businessperson should ask before venturing into any business.

The following are key factors that determine a new business success or failure.

1. A Feasible Business Idea

Having a viable business idea is major pillar of business success. Although this is not enough as you need to market your idea and make it more profitable.

Business ideas can be sourced from identifying what people want, become a problem solver by selling that product or service that is in high demand.

You should also employ proper mechanism that will ensure that your business can withstand the pressure from competitors who may be offering a similar service or product.

Consider writing a business plan as it will form a major framework that can determine the viability of your business. It will help you establish a comprehensive market analysis and consumer preference research before you implement your idea.

2. Capital

Capital is very crucial and it forms a significance percentage of business success. For any business to start, initial capital is a mandatory factor.

Although some small businesses are not capital intensive, you need to establish a clear financial plan.

Many businesses fail to succeed as entrepreneurs expect to make profits in their initial stages of business operations which might not be the case.

It also important to understand that adequate capital with poor management will also contribute to a business failure.

In order to have a successful business, you should put measures in place to ensure that capital is invested in the right projects that will benefit the business.

To avoid falling in this trap, always employ the right personnel who have financial management background.

3. Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is the main factor that determines business success. Establishing a good relationship with your customers can guarantee you positive business feed backs.

To win continued customer loyalty, your business must act with high integrity by providing quality products and services.

Customers are the king and you should always aim to make profit through improved customer satisfaction.

4. Leadership

When starting a business either as a sole proprietor or a group, proper leadership is required. The overall leader is charged with the responsibility of controlling all the functions of the business.

Having the right team with a common mindset of success enables the business to boom really fast. This has been a major challenge and it can lead to a major downfall even if the business idea is viable.

Working with the right team ensure that all departments coordinate well and they are all dedicated towards achieving a common goal. In order to execute you plans effectively, consider formulating both internal and external teams.

Top 10 Brilliant Business Ideas for Startups


Starting a business has never been that easy. How you ever heard people saying that they don’t have enough capital to start a business? I can guarantee you that capital is not the main issue, it all depends with the type of business idea that one has.

You should always analyze the business idea that you want to exercise to see whether it is viable or not. Does your business idea provide a solution to what people need?

Identify a need, unexploited niche or a gap then be the person who will fill it by providing the product or the service that is needed.

By, so doing, you are assured of a successful business startup because you make profit through customers’ satisfaction. The following business ideas can help you start a successful business with low capital investment.


1. Event Planning

Can you organize a perfect party, weddings or a corporate event? Then you can create a business out of it. Many people and institutions are always looking for people who can offer outstanding event planning services.

You only need to offer quality services and people will come seeking your services. In order to standout in this field, I would recommend that you identify a niche i.e. (weddings) and develop your own brand as a wedding planner.


2. Laundry & Carpet Cleaning

I know this is a job that can be underrated by many but it can be a major source of income. Most employed people are ever busy and they don’t get enough time to do much cleaning in their homes. They end up outsourcing the service to other people.

If you have free time, you can make this a business opportunity by cleaning their carpets as well as general laundry. To excel in this business, form a cleaning company and you can be in a better position to offer your services to corporates and institutions.


3. Freelancing

Are you an expert in a certain field? With technological advancements, you can be able to offer your services worldwide through internet.

There are many online platforms looking for talented individuals with skills in; Graphic& Design, Online marketing, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Technology etc.

The advantage with freelancing is that you can do it at the comfort of your home. All you require is computer and a good internet connection. Search for the best online site that you can offer your services and get paid today!


4. Motivational Speaker/Mentor

Many are the times that we require someone to speak a word of encouragement to us so that we can keep going. Can you be able to positively impact other people’s life? Then you can utilize this talent by becoming a mentor or motivational speaker.

There are many aspects of life that you can specialize in such as social life, self-awareness, health and economics. Create a brand and start marketing yourself.


5. Virtual Assistance

Being a virtual assistance simply means being a personal assistance. This job can be done at the comfort of your home and it involves simple tasks.

You will be required by your boss to read and respond to emails, update him on upcoming events, answer calls and any other office related work.

It requires little investment and it can be done by anyone who is computer literate.


6. Fast Food Parlor

Food is one of the basic human needs. Starting a fast food parlor in a busy area can be a noble idea. People are always working and they require something that they can put in their stomach.

The business can boom really fast if you provide quality services. Identify what people prefer buying as a fast food and this could be your beginning to self-employment.


7. Private Tutor

Not everything talk in class is understood by everyone. More often, many students always look for skillful people who can explain the concept to them further in a clear way.

If you are an expert in any professional and you believe you have all what it takes, then think of becoming a tutor. The advantage with this job is that you can do it on part-time basis and it can give you enough cash to pay for your bills.


8. Daycare Center

Starting a daycare center can be a lucrative business today. Most parents are working class and they often look for people who they can trust to take good care of their babies.

If you are passionate about babysitting, you can make a business out of it. You only need to be trustworthy and provide a safe environment where the little angels can feel comfortable to stay.

There various laws and regulations that govern this kind of business and it vary from country to country.


9. Grocery

A green grocer is another business that can really pick very easily. Every day, people must eat fruits, veggies as well as drink fruit juice. The business does not require large amount of capital to start.

If you can get a continuous source of quality fruits and vegetables from reliable vendors, then you can make a living from this business.


10. Blogging

Do you have a passion in writing? You can monetize your skills by starting your own blog and writing about something you are passionate about. You can choose write about lifestyle, technology, health, sports, business and other fields that you have interest.

Writing about a niche you are passionate about gives you an easy time and allows you to provide well-grounded research about a given topic. You can make money by blogging through advertisement banners, publications and sponsored content.


Bottom Line;

I believe the above briefly discussed ideas will act as an eye opener and help you bring your business idea into reality. Let’s all give it a trial because as Vince Lombardi said “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”