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How To Create Your Ongoing Presentation At Exhibitions

Craftworld Events

Craftworld Events

Ever walk around a business exhibition and it feels like you’re in Time Square? There are so many advertisements bombarding you from all sides, it can be like a kid in a sweet shop for businessmen.

This is because when you walk by a stand, you should be able to see and understand exactly what it is that business is all about.

You can’t talk to all the people at the stand as they might be busy talking with another consumer, and neither can you wait all day to ask them basic questions.

Therefore when you’re heading to a business exhibition yourself, you’ll need to follow suit. Just because you have the basic premise down, doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous.

Once you know how to set up your stand and what it should look like, then you can go onto experimenting with different face-to-face marketing skills.

1. Standing to a-10-tion

Booths are where consumers get to have a more intimate experience with a business and the marketing or sales staff. 10×10 exhibit booths are by far the most popular choice because they are small and easily transportable.

They combine different materials so it’s not just a plastic stand that will fall over easily. On top of this they allow more room on your designated floor which means, the booth can be like the island while your staff go out to swim.

Their obvious goal is to snap up people who are looking like they’re interested. They can bring them back to the booth when they need to give a demonstration, a better explanation or just taking down their details to such as name and email for other marketing or business purposes.

2. On a loop

It might sound easy, but making a marketing video is difficult to get right. It’s important you make this kind of video so you can play it on a loop on your flat-screen tv which should be placed at the booth.

You should really have at least 2 or 3 so people walking either side can get a taste of what you are about. In the video the visuals must be incredibly strong.

The sound is important but save that for when people wish to actually come to your booth and put on some headphones to listen to it. Therefore for this to happen smoothly, you should have one central TV that is for consumers and customers wanting a demonstration.

Otherwise, the video should be about why your product and or services are useful and how they can be used.

3. Comfortable Speakers

Not every marketing expert in your business will have charisma. They will have the knowledge of how to make a presentation but they won’t all have the skill to charm their way into talking with complete strangers who are busy with other things.

Therefore to have an ongoing team that is going to be working around the clock, you need those that are passionate about meeting new people.

They need to be very enthusiastic about the booth and what it represents as their genuine love for what they do will be a selling point to consumers.

At any business exhibition you are presenting in, you need to have a good solid stand. However logistically speaking, something that is transportable like a 10×10 booth makes sense in a lot of scenarios.

Creating a video that will explain what you’re about exhibit will be useful as it can be played on a loop to help pull in those walking by.

Exhibiting Your Company: Essential Tips For Trade Show Success

Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to promote your company and attract new clients. However, you often have to pay for the privilege, and so it makes sense to get the best results possible. You can achieve that goal by using some of the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

Craftworld Events

Regardless of your business model, it’s possible to make lots of new connections that could advance your operation. With that in mind, take a few moments to read through the advice below. Put it into action at your next big event, and you should notice a significant difference.

  • Contact the best graphic designers you can find

At most trade shows, you’ll hire a space where you can erect your stall. Lots of other business owners will do the same thing, and so you face competition. That means your stand needs to catch the eye of passers-by. Most attendees won’t have time to stand around talking to all the exhibitors.

So, you need to stand out from the crowd to get their attention. You do that by covering your platform in lots of stunning graphics. Many designers focus their efforts on that niche. There are also lots of printing firms that can turn those images into real-world promotional items. So, now is the time to perform some research and identify the best professionals in your area.

  • Keep lots of business cards handy

As I just mentioned, plenty of attendees won’t have time to stand around and chat. However, they may still take an interest in your operation. For that reason, you need to give them something they can take home.

There might come a time in the following few weeks when your brand pops into their head. If they have a business card or something similar, the chances of them visiting your website will increase.

Experts from Alpha Card say the process of getting a professional design doesn’t have to be difficult. Indeed, there are lots of sites that supply templates you can use. Also, you can usually purchase thousands of cards pretty cheap.

  • Take your best team members to the event

If only one person is representing your brand, you will struggle to talk to everyone. That means you might have to turn some clients away at the exhibition. You should avoid that at all costs. Do yourself a favour and make sure you take a couple of team members along for the event.

Spend a couple of weeks making sure they know how to answer common questions. You could even create a script for them to learn if you have enough time. That should ensure anyone who stops for a chat gets the same information about your firm.

Whatever you do during the next few months, I hope you manage to achieve success from any trade shows you might attend. You can find lists online of the most popular events in your home country. Just make sure you only exhibit at relevant shows for your industry. Also, make sure you find out about the costs involves before making any agreements. Some organizers ask for ridiculous fees.