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Running An Event? Choose Branding, Branding, Branding

What would you consider is the most important result of running a business event? What are you looking to achieve? If only one thing could be taken away from all your efforts in setting up the entire affair, what would it be? Securing purchases?

This helps, but is a one-time thing. Networking well? This also helps, but building your own platform is always more effective than relying on others.business-meeting

We’d like to argue that exposed branding is the most effective and idealistic result of your exhibition efforts. In fact, this is so much the case that we included it three times in the title.

With all of your presenting ability, you should do your best to hammer home your logo and name into the minds of your audience, so much so that recollection of either of these will help them remember the entire event in full.

Here are some tips to injecting your branding into the public consciousness through your events and beyond:


If you don’t have an identifiable theme, you can’t work well at crafting a coherent and memorable presentation for your audience. Your logo design must be appealing and memorable, and preferably simple.

Plaster this on every T-Shirt of your event staff, have it raised in large viewable platforms around the room.

If holding an open forum, or to mark the location of your offices, consider using event flag printing to craft a high-quality identifier, one that will simply shout ‘we’re here!’ to everyone who walks past.

Eye-catching theming is one of the best methods to hold a gaze and keep it, and the longer a consumer or potential investor looks at you, the more intensely their curiosity develops.

Online Platforms

Everything you do within the walls of your exhibition should be depicted on your website, and every product/service you sell here or in the future should be imbued with links to all of your social media pages and dedicated websites.

It should serve as the hub for all of your exploration, a place where a consumer can click and find out everything about where you will be. Consider this the roadmap to all of your future events, and bestow that understanding with perfect clarity towards your clients.

Be Specific

It’s always a shame to see a small business trying to appeal to everyone. In the interest of reaching every demographic, small companies often lose their identity. If you don’t have a strong identity, you become awash in the other countless amount of businesses vying for a successful spot in the same industry.

Don’t be afraid to make your mission statement known, and don’t be afraid that some people will dislike it. It’s better to have a strong presence than none at all, and sometimes, that means treading on people’s toes.

Never be combative, but a little branding aggression can help you dominate the scene, and in the war for consumers hearts and minds, this is the most reliable way forward.


This advice should help your branding to no end, so much so that when discussing it you’ll have to name it thrice.

What Your Office Says About Your Brand

Branding is all about telling a story and selling a dream. Is your office telling the right story for your brand? If not, it is time to change your office space and make it unique. Your aim is to be different rather than to be better.

This is the best way to get your brand noticed. Here are some things that you should bear in mind when you are choosing your office design.

Make your office design reflect your culture

Your brand and culture are interlinked. They both define what your business is and must reflect its personality. It is all about sending out a message about your values to your clients and your employees.

You need to show that you are a caring employer as this will enhance your brand. You need to show that the comfort and well-being of your employees is your priority.

Think about how you perceive your employees. Is this reflected in the facilities that are provided in your office space? Does the office design reflect your brand in terms of open office spaces or cubicles?

Now think about your clients. Who are they and what do they expect from you? The expectations of high-end clients will be different from those with young families in terms of fixtures, fittings, and décor.


At this stage, you may realize that your current office is not suitable for your needs and that you will need to relocate. You can make this as painless as possible by securing some local moving services who will relocate your business whilst causing minimum disruption.

The less time it takes to move, the less money it will cost your business so a professional moving firm will keep your ‘downtime’ to a minimum.

What do your office colors say about your brand?

Again, this is all about the message that you want to send about your brand. If your business is all about high energy, fun, and friendliness then you need to use bright colors such as red, orange and yellow.

If your brand is connected with the green movement, saving the planet and sustainability, then you need to use a natural forest or sage green into your design. For high end, sophisticated and luxurious brands, use various shades of purple.

For brands where integrity and trust are vital (for example in personal services), you can’t go wrong with white.

Mixing colors can be problematic so you need to get it right. Use only a maximum of two colors and stick to a narrow spectrum. In some very niche brands, you can get away with mixing a lot of colors but this will only appeal to a very funky audience.

Always try to get some white into your office space somewhere because it freshens up the feel but avoid anything too somber such as black.

Choosing a brand color does not mean that you have to splash it all over the office walls as that can be too overwhelming. Instead, pick out that color in the small details of your office design.


Office Decor Is About More Than Making The Place Look Pretty

A good-looking office feels like a great place to run. But besides being aesthetically pleasing, it has a lot more to offer. A great office can help you secure leads, can help you run a business better, and make the business a place that employees are desperate to stay in. Here’s the right way to use your office.



It’s a motivational tool

A place that looks good is more than just aesthetically pleasing. The work environment has a huge impact on the kind of work that people are able to do within it. For instance, if you want people engaged, then the dull glow of fluorescent lighting isn’t going to make them feel active and creative. You need a little focus on colour, on giving the space a creative edge if you want it to stimulate the team mentally.

Using the power of the brand

If you’ve done it right, then you should have shaped a visual brand that communicates the purpose and values of the business. Branding can look creative, it can look professional, it can look warm and personable.

That brand can have the same influence on people who have enough exposure to it. If you want your people to represent the brand and act in accordance with it, then shaping their environment to reflect the brand can have a profound lasting effect. Branding the office can shape both the workplace and the people better to it.

Branding the office also creates an environment that’s perfect to invite leads to. Let their surroundings contribute to the offer you make by giving the brand a place of pride.

Shaping different work zones

Nowadays, people are realizing there is no ‘one size fits all’ approaches to using the workspace effectively. People need different spaces for different reasons. Sometimes they might need open space to collaborate and communicate together.

At other times, the might need the personal afforded by frosted privacy film without the claustrophobic effects of solid cubicle partitions. Proper office design works best when it takes into account not just how many employees need to use it, but what kinds of zones those employees might need to work to the best of their abilities.

Giving employees a place of their own

A job should be more than just a role that an employee does for money. It should be a place in a team. Besides making efforts to have them invested in the business, investing in the people is just as important. Give them a place within the business, physically. Let them have their own corner of the work environment and

Let them have their own corner of the work environment and personalize it to their own tastes. You might have some rules about what they can and can’t put on their desks, for instance. But letting them have some personal effects is going to make them feel much more at home in the business.

Hopefully, the points above have illustrated that a workspace is more than just a space that employees work in. It’s an asset that can be used to launch your business to new heights. If you can’t use something as simple as your own property to benefit the business, then the chances of you properly capitalizing on any opportunity in the future are slim.

Outsourcing Can Be the Answer to All Your Scaling Troubles


Out of all the troubles that are going to face business owners, scaling is the most prevalent. It takes down the majority of the businesses that fail before their third year. A lot of people just don’t have the resources, staff or expertise ready to handle success. There’s no shame in that.


You will learn, but in the meantime, it’s best to rely on those who already know what you need. Here are a few ways that outsourcing can help you scale a lot more successfully.


1. Your tech

Your startup might have begun on a single laptop. As you grow, however, that little device isn’t going to be enough for you. Most businesses these days run on a large system of different servers and software to help them deal with their workload.

Hiring too many people during the scaling process can be one of the costliest mistakes a startup could make.

Instead, think of how the services of an IT support company might take that responsibility off your hands.  Not just in keeping everything safe and running smooth, but helping you find new ways to reduce that workload with the right tech.


2. Your money

As an entrepreneur, a certain amount of financial management knowledge is necessary. However, as you grow, you will be dealing with bigger volumes of money for a growing variety of sources.

If it gets too much to handle, there is no-one better to trust with your cash flow management than an accountant.


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More than just counting pennies, they can help business owners identify and make sound decisions. Not to mention protect you from the potentially disastrous ones.


3. Your branding

A bigger company tends to have a lot more demand on it. Not just in terms of volume. As well as having to deal with more customers, you need to be more professional.

You need to be equipped to deal with more customer service with better quality results. You also need the image and reputation of a bigger, more professional company. For someone who is still relatively new to

For someone who is still relatively new to a business, the creative side of it may be beyond you. But you don’t have the need for a permanent branding and visual design team.

So look for those who can give you the makeover your bigger company needs.


4. Your online presence

What you do online is about more than just visual design, as well. In particular, your site is a tool to attract visitors and turn those visitors into customers.

Not everyone has the time to learn the intricacies of search engine optimization. Or to know what conversion rate optimization is.

Not everyone knows which one they should focus on. That’s why it can better to trust a specialist to come in and give your website a quick makeover.

They can improve its rate of catching customers every time you need to give it a boost.

Never worry that there’s a task you’re unequipped to deal with. You’ll be certain to find those that can help. Just be more open to outsourcing.