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Secrets That Will Get You On The Corporate Event Honour Roll

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Yep, there are plenty of ways to market a brand these days, and it is never easy to choose which one is best. A technique which is becoming more popular is a corporate event, and it is one a lot of businesses like to use to their advantage.

Whereas affiliate marketing and SEO used to be the kings, corporate events are starting to take over, and it isn’t hard to see why. After all, they are fun, get important people in the vicinity, and are much more casual than a business meeting.

Still, events aren’t a piece of cake, and it’s imperative to follow these rules to pull off the perfect event.

What Is Your Goal?

One of the biggest mistakes any business can make is to put on an event just because they think it is cool. Sure, watching a band and getting drunk is fun, and it might even build a relationship or two, but it is a long shot.

The big wigs aren’t impressed by a fancy party because they see them all of the time. Instead, they want an event which offers them something they didn’t have before. Only then will you get their attention, and only then will this technique work. With that in mind, it is essential that you flesh out the aim of the event.

Is it to show off a new piece of software? What about a service that you think is off help to the audience? Whatever it is, make sure it is the central theme.

Get The Guest List Right

You will have to make a few concessions with the guest list because businessmen and women are sensitive. If they hear you didn’t invite them, they will hold a grudge, and they have a memory like an elephant. But, for the most part, everyone in the room should have some potential value to the firm.

They might be other businesspersons that you want to invest, or they might be potential customers. Hell, they might even be journalists that you think can spread the word, but they have to be present. It is too easy to create a guest list that has no value. Don’t make that mistake or else the event will tank.

guest list

Hit The Market

Corporate events don’t advertise themselves, yet you think they would with the way some businesses act. It is amazing how many firms put on an event and then proceed to understate its value.

They don’t do it on purpose, but they do it which makes it a problem. Events should have a buzz because you want the phone ringing off the hook asking for an invite. However, that won’t happen without the correct hospitality marketing tips and tricks.

Build a site, print off flyers, even buy advertising space on the TV and radio – it doesn’t matter as long as you let everyone know when and where it is happening.

Treat the event like you would any other marketing strategy and don’t get lazy. Corporate events are fantastic, but only when you cover every base.

5 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

With the increased scarcity of formal employment opportunities, the internet has provided unlimited alternative solutions to make a living globally. Today, with only a computer and internet access, you can connect with individuals worldwide and land into legitimate job opportunities at the comfort of your home.


Are you tired of working for someone else from 8-5pm? Are you in the wrong profession that is not your passion? Do you want to become your own boss and work at your own convenience?

Well, try a work from home business and make money online from home using these amazing DIY techniques.

1. Online Surveys-

There are many companies and organizations out there looking for individuals to give their opinions on certain products or decisions. This is a great money-making opportunity that you can take advantage of and earn extra income at the comfort of your home.

You can choose to fill out surveys on a particular topic since most of them are diverse. They range from entertainment, politics, product reviews, education, and health among others.

Online surveys are easy and do not require much time to fill out the forms. Therefore, you can do a number of online surveys in a particular day and earn yourself an extra income.

2. Blogging-

Do you have a passion for writing? Did you know that you can monetize your skills online? Yes, if you enjoy blogging on a given topic such as health, travel, business, tech e.t.c, then, you can turn your passion into a lucrative money making opportunity.

You will first need to create a blog based on your topic/niche of interest.  Then post educative, quality and concise content regularly.

Once you grow your readers by increasing website traffic, you can approach brands with products in your niche and offer paid advertising opportunities.

The most popular ways of blogging for cash includes; selling ads, paid-per-click programs, products mentioning and product reviews.

When you start blogging, you make passive income while doing something that you are passionate about.

3. Monetizing You-tube Videos-

If you have passion for making/recording videos, then you can turn this into an amazing cash-cow by creating a You-tube channel. All you need to have is a high-quality web-cam or any other video camera, computer and internet connectivity.

When you prepare high-quality videos that are informative, interesting and engaging focused on a particular theme, you are guaranteed to get more viewers.

More viewers mean cash and you can partner with YouTube and share ad revenue. On the other hand, you can decide to sell your own products and market them on YouTube.

Monetizing YouTube videos is a great opportunity that anyone can venture into and make extra income while working from home.

4. Domain Flipping-

With the current trend of digital technology, every company or organization is looking to have an online presence. This means that they will be required to buy a domain name. What if you buy domains and later sell them at higher profit margins? That’s what flipping domains for profit is all about.

All you need to do is to visit websites that list domains that are up for grab and buy domains at affordable prices.

Once you have acquired the domains, list your domains with Cathy descriptions that can attract potential buyers and have them listed for sale at sites such as Flippa.com for higher value.

Domain flipping is an easy way of making money online and you can do it at home.

5. Affiliate Marketing-

With affiliate marketing, you get paid a commission by promoting/selling a product on your website or blog. Brands will pay you a given percentage for every product that is bought through your link.

When your blog has high traffic, affiliate marketing is a good opportunity for you to make passive income with less effort.

If you blog about technology and you have huge number of followers, you can collaborate with brands that sell products on tech niche and promote their products/services on your website and earn a commission in return.

Bottom Line;

While the internet provides an ocean of money-making opportunities while working from home, there are few things to consider. Work from home jobs come with their share of challenges and if you are not careful, you can end up in the wrong hands.

 There are thousands of Scammers on the internet and you should always do your research well before entering into a contract with individuals/ companies that might end up stealing your cash.

 Visit sites such as http://www.paypervids.com/ways-to-make-money-online-from-home/ to learn more about making money online with legitimate sites that offer genuine online jobs.