What is needed to start a balloon business?

What do you need to start up a balloon?

You will need a basic air pump (hand and/or electric), a sizing guide to inflate the balloons correctly, helium tank and helium inflator if you are going to offer helium balloons. You will also need some balloons – latex and foil, weights and ribbons, scissors and some 260Qs for fixing air-filled designs.

Can you make money doing balloons?

There are many highly successful, and profitable balloon businesses around the world, and on the other hand there are those who come, play around for a short while and then disappear just as quickly as they came.

Do I need insurance to sell balloons?


The law requires any business to have adequate liability insurance cover, so long before I took on my first job I looked into getting cover. Back in 2002, the best option was to become a member of the trade organisation NABAS (National Association of Balloon Artists & Suppliers).

How do you become a professional balloon decorator?

Requirements to Become a Certified Balloon Artist

  1. complete and pass a series of 3 written exams of almost 100 questions with a minimum score of 80%
  2. produce perfectly constructed personal balloon designs and precisely reproduce designs selected by the industry’s leading manufacturer of professional quality balloons.
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What is a 60/40 inflator?

Balloon Inflator manually inflates 11″ and larger latex balloons with a mixture of 60% helium and 40% air, saving you up to 40% on your helium costs. The 60/40 Helium/Air inflator is ideal for use with 11″ and larger balloons. Fast flow push valve mixes 40% air with 60% helium.

How do you price a balloon Garland?

Prices for standard garland for a standard air-filled balloon arch or a regular balloon column can vary between $10 to $20 per linear foot, depending on what part of the country you are in.

What is a bubble balloon?

Bubble Balloons are non-allergenic balloons made of a clear, stretchy, plastic that allows them to be inflated into a nearly round shape. These balloons are long lasting and ideal for indoor and outdoor decor, because they are made of non-oxidizing material.

How profitable is a balloon business?

A balloon business can be a profitable enterprise with little overhead or start-up costs. While you can open a storefront, it isn’t required. You can be quite successful operating from your home. For your balloon business to take off, you’ll need a few key pieces of equipment.

How much can you make from a balloon business?

How much profit you make depends greatly on your area as well as what you specialize in. Some individuals make $25,000 a year or more serving only as balloon decorators for parties, whereas others make $50,000 or more primarily making balloon animals for private events.