What are the entrepreneurship development Programme?

What are the entrepreneurship development Programmes in India?

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

S. No. Programme Name
3. Technology Based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) at Jaipur
4. Faculty Development Programme(FDP) at Ajmer
5. Faculty Development Programme(FDP) at Alwar
6. Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) at Jaisalmer

What is entrepreneurship development programme in one sentence?

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP)

EDP is a device through which people with latent entrepreneurial traits are identified, motivated to take up new industrial ventures, trained in managing the unit, and guided in all aspects of starting a venture/an enterprise.

What is the importance of entrepreneurship development programme?

EDPs can help in preventing spread of industrial slums by providing various incentives, subsidies and infrastructural support to entrepreneurs for setting up their enterprises in industrially backward areas. This will also help in reducing pollution and overtaxing of civic amenities.

What is entrepreneurship development programme and its objectives?

Objectives of Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) :

To make people learn compliance with law. To develop and fortify entrepreneurial quality, i.e., motivation or need for achievement. To develop small and medium scale enterprises in order to generate employment and widen the scope of industrial ownership.

What are the achievements of Entrepreneur Development programme?

Successful Entrepreneurial development programmes help in foster the industrialization and reduces the concentration of economic power. It is because the small-scale entrepreneurs can set-up their units in remote areas with little financial resources which can help in achieving balanced regional development.

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