How do I start my own Microgreen business from home?

How much does it cost to start a Microgreen business?

Starting a microgreens business requires very minimal investment and time. You can start from just a $100 and the business would only require a couple of hours of your time. You can easily make $500 – $1000 per month, with just 10-20 trays.

How much money can you make selling microgreens?

The average selling price for microgreens is $25 – 40 per pound. As for each 1020 tray, the average yield is between 8 – 12 oz per harvest (7-14 days). That means you will be able to earn at least $12.5 – 18.8 per tray of microgreens.

How much money do Microgreen farmers make?

You can easily bring in $20 – $30 per tray by increasing yields and/or prices. For the sakes of this example, we’ll say that the average profit per tray for microgreens is a conservative $15. If you can grow 20 trays on one rack every week, that’s $300 a week in profit!

Is microgreens a profitable business?

Microgreens are one of the most profitable crops you can grow. They can be grown in a small space and can sell for $50 per pound or more​, making them an ideal crop for small farms and urban growers.

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Is there a demand for microgreens?

In the U.S., the demand for microgreens is witnessing growth at a significant rate, owing to health benefits associated with its consumption such as reduce risk of heart diseases, chronic diseases, cancer, and Alzheimer.

What is the most popular Microgreen?

Sunflower. Sunflower microgreens are the most popular microgreens. They are rich in protein and vitamin B and add a slightly sweet taste to any dish. For the strongest flavor and healthiest plants, use seeds from the black oil variety.

What equipment do microgreens need?

Pressure Sprayer – Used to top spray MicroGreens during germination. Tweezers – Used for planting seeds. Water Pitcher – Used for bottom watering MicroGreens. Strainer – Used for rinsing certain MicroGreens seeds.

What kind of light do microgreens use?

The best color temperature for microgreens is around 4,000K to 6,500K. This range will provide the plants with enough blue and red light for photosynthesis that results in fast grwoth. Daylight colors have a color temperature between 4,600K and 6,500K, so using fluorescent light bulbs in this range will be ideal.

Do I need a license to sell microgreens in Texas?

“If they are selling whole, intact, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, there is no permit required in Texas,” she said. “But if selling cut tomatoes, leafy greens or melons, the producer needs to have a permit and store foods at 41 degrees or lower.”