How do I add a business parameter to Tosca?

How do you add parameters in Tosca?

Add parameters

To add a parameter, make the corresponding entry in the empty row at the bottom. By default, Tricentis Tosca adds new parameters as type Query. To change the type, select an alternate from the Type dropdown menu on the right.

What is business parameter Tosca?

Tosca replaces the selected element with a reference to the newly created Reusable TestStepBlock. The business parameter values are defined in the corresponding business parameter reference. Define a value range for business parameters.

How do you define a parameter in Tosca?

You can configure your tests by using test configuration parameters to set values. A test configuration parameter is a parameter which you can set for Tosca objects.

About test configuration parameters.

TestCase folder Scratchbook
TestCase TestCase-Design folder
ExecutionList folder

How can the condition column be added in Tosca?

Tosca Condition – We can add a condition in the Test Case, folder, test step, reusable test step block, step attribute level by updating the condition property. The condition can be implemented based on the business parameter, TCD Parameter, constant value, etc.

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How do you link TestCases to requirements in Tosca?

Use TestCase Links

To create a TestCase Link, right-click on the Requirement and select Create TestCase Link from the mini toolbar. Tricentis Tosca creates a TestCase Link with a yellow exclamation mark to indicate that no TestCase has been linked to it.

How do I add TestCases to execution list in Tosca?

You run your TestCases in the Execution tab of Tosca Commander.

To do so, drag and drop the TestCase:

  1. Go to the TestCases tab.
  2. Drag the Automobile Quote TestCase onto the Execution tab until the Execution tab is active.
  3. Drop the TestCase onto the Automobile ExecutionList.

What are the parameters of a business?

Here we’ll discuss the key parameters of a company analysis and how to tackle each of them.

  • Business offerings. The principal objective of a company analysis is to determine what exactly the company does. …
  • Industry analysis. …
  • Strategic initiatives. …
  • Technological capabilities. …
  • Organizational chart. …
  • Key competitors.

Which of the following Tosca elements need to be added to requirements?

The Requirements section requires the Requirements Management AddIn, which is part of the standard Tricentis Tosca installation. By default, the option RequirementsManagementUIAddIn is enabled. You can disable it under Project->Options.

How do you use mouseover in Tosca?

You can use the value X instead of {CLICK} for left clicks.

Click operations.

Click operation Description
{MOUSEOVER} Moves the mouse pointer over the control.
{RIGHTCLICK} Click with the right mouse button
{SHIFTCLICK} Performs a left click while holding the Shift key down.