How did the Billingsley brothers become entrepreneurs?

How did the yummy brothers become entrepreneurs?

In 2017, the boys asked their parents to help them start a cookie company. Together, the brothers made a business plan. They also chose jobs for themselves.

What inspired the yummy brothers to start business?

5 kid entrepreneurs that have a love and desire to make people happy with food and desserts inspired from recipes from our great-grandmother, our grandmother, then our beautiful MOM! Together with our mom, we created gourmet cookies made with all natural ingredients.

What product do the billingslea brothers sell?

They’re baking hundreds of cookies for customers across the U.S. The Billingsleas brothers are Joshua, Isaiah, Caleb, and Micah. They are the proud owners of a successful cookie business called Yummy Brothers. The young entrepreneurs have learned a lot since they started their company.

How old are the yummy brothers?

Meet the Billingslea brothers from Atlanta, Georgia — 11-year old Joshua, 9-year old Isaiah, 7-year old Caleb, and 5-year old Micah. They are the young founders of Yummy Brothers, a gourmet catering company that makes cookies and more.

Why did the billingslea brothers first begin baking?

Baking these cookies started out as a hobby for the Billingslea brothers almost three years ago. But when they started sharing their cookies with others and realized just how much people loved them, they sought the opportunity to start a business.

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Are the yummy brothers still in business?

Yummy Brothers ship nationwide, but the four still go around their communities to events, selling the baked goods. And while, selling cookies is serious business for the young “brother-preneurs,” education is still first and foremost. “When we bake them and sell them is usually on the weekends,” they explained.

Where do the yummy brothers live?

The Yummy Brothers are a business based out of Atlanta that sell cookies and dog treats. The catch is, the owners and founders are four kid brothers! These four kidpreneurs have a love and desire to make people happy with food and desserts inspired from recipes from their great-grandmother, grandmother, and mom.