How Studying Psychology Can Enrich Your Life

Psychological studies can often be misunderstood, especially by people that don’t quite understand the subject. Some people consider it as a career choice that eventually leads to a medical profession, while others believe that it’s a useless degree that offers no real opportunities.


In this article, we’re going to show that studying psychology has numerous benefits for both your life and your career.

  1. A Better Understanding of People

People that study psychology usually have a much better understanding of the people around them. They also get a deeper understanding of themselves and will have an easier time coping with difficult or high-pressure situations.

2. Excellent Communication Skill Growth

Psychology is a field that requires you to communicate with others, and this can greatly improve your ability to communicate effectively with other people.

3. Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is an important skill in virtually any industry or job role. When studying psychology, you’ll learn to think critically under many different circumstances which can help you develop a better sense of decision making.

4. Greatly Improves your Employment Opportunities

A resume with a psychology degree listed can greatly improve your employment chances and salary prospects. It can also open you to many unique fields that utilize your skill and experience in psychology.

We’ve included a helpful info-graphic that illustrates how it’s possible to apply psychology to various concepts in business. It’s just one example of how a deep understanding of humans and relationships can be helpful for many different industries.

Infographic: University of Southern California

Real Estate Opportunities Too Many Investors Miss Out On

When it comes to investing your money, one of the hardest decisions to make is where you’re going to put it. Whether you decide to dive head first into the stock trade, or you’d prefer to play it safe and stick with a savings account, there are pros and cons to just about every option. However, there are some which come with more benefits than others, and few are better than real estate.

It’s a fairly well-known fact in the investment world that property is one of the very best forms of investment out there. It’s often an incredibly secure investment and thanks to the current state of the property market, more and more people are renting instead of buying properties. crane-kamau

The reliability and potential profit involved in real estate make it one of the most tempting choices out there for both new and experienced investments. However, even those with a strong grasp of real estate investments can still end up missing out on some fantastic opportunities.

Whether it’s through inexperience or a lack of awareness of the options that are available to them, here are some of the most common real estate opportunities that far too many investments and up missing out on.


Most property investors try to focus on finding properties that they can turn a profit on right away. The reasons behind this are pretty understandable. After all, the less work that you have to do to make a property habitable for tenants, the easier it will be for you to start earning money on your investment.

However, this often means that you’re going to have to make a pretty significant upfront financial commitment right away. Sure, this can be totally fine if you have the money to cover those costs but otherwise, you could be in something of a difficult situation.

However, you want to save money on your initial investment then why not think about buying a home in slightly worse condition? Sure, there is going to be a fair amount of cost and effort involved in improving that property and bringing it up to scratch, but it is a great way to spread the costs out and find a potentially fantastic property that might have been overlooked by other investors.

Up and coming areas

The area that your property is in is often just as important as the property itself. Of course, the obvious attitude that many investors take is that a more affluent area is going to be a better bet for properties that will bring in higher returns.

However, that’s often something of a short-sighted attitude to take. For one thing, more affluent areas will generally have more expensive properties which will increase your initial investment, whereas you’re much more likely to find a great bargain when you look in areas that don’t have quite such high reputations.perfect-property

Some of the very best places to look when you’re trying to get the best possible deal on your investment are areas where the house prices aren’t especially high, but there is a decent amount of interest cropping up.

By getting in on the ground when it comes to properties and certain areas, you’re going to be able to find a property that’s a genuine bargain, but that you can make a seriously decent profit on in the future.

International investments

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of property investors make is that they forget that there are opportunities outside their own borders. Sure, there are a lot of conveniences to only ever buying and renting out properties in your own country.

For example, you don’t have to deal with language barriers or any added legal complications. However, the benefits that can come from investing in overseas properties can be incredibly significant.

One of the most obvious of these benefits is the fact that many overseas properties are incredibly cheap. If you head over to a site like you can see just how much of a bargain many of the properties there are.

This means that you’re going to be in a much better position to invest in multiple properties and really diversify your investments. Not only that but by looking further afield, you’re going to be in a position where you have much more choice over what kind of properties you’re after.

Rather than fighting with other investors in your home country, looking internationally opens up a whole new set of options for you that you might never have even considered before.

Commercial properties

When investors are looking for properties, whether they’re looking to flip a property or simply rent it out to a tenant, they tend to only ever think about residential properties. Now, residential properties are fantastic but only ever using those options is putting yourself in something of a limited position.

The truth is that there are plenty of options other than residential properties that you might want to consider investing in. One of the best options is to invest in commercial properties.

Sure, there are some extra details and complications that can come with renting out residential properties but it also comes with a large number of benefits. One of the most common is that you’re much less likely to have to worry about finding replacement tenants.

Commercial tenants often stick around for much longer periods of time. While residential tenants might have their lease run for six months to a year, commercial tenants tend to work in periods closer to five or ten years.

An empty property is worse than useless to a real estate investor, so anything that you can do in order to limit the chances of that happening is a plus.

Sure, part of the reason that these aren’t the most popular choices for many investors is that they involve slightly different approaches than the more common real estate opportunities, but these kinds of options can often be incredibly lucrative.

Not only that but because they are so often ignored by other investors you can get great deals on them because of the sheer lack of competition. They’re not necessarily always going to be the best options for you in terms of investments, but having more options available to you is never a bad thing.


In The Wrong Job? Here’s What To Do

Maybe you’ve felt like you’ve been in the wrong job for a while, or maybe the feeling has just recently hit you like a ton of bricks. Whatever your situation is, it isn’t a nice feeling and you’re going to want to remedy it right away. The good news is, you can get yourself ‘unstuck’ if you’re prepared to make a few changes and take a few leaps of faith. Here’s how!

Think About What You Don’t Like

Consider what it is you don’t like about your job right now. Maybe it’s simply the work environment and not the job itself. Maybe you think the job is monotonous. Make a list of the things that have caused you to want to change. It’s up to you to make sure that your next role does not include these things.

Think About Your Ideal Day

Considering your ideal day and knowing what you do want is just as important as knowing what you don’t want. Know how many hours you’d like to work, whether you want to work alone/in a team, and so on. Would you like the freedom to go home for lunch? Maybe you want to work from home. You could potentially create your own ideal job if you don’t want to work for another person.

Explore Jobs Available With Your Qualifications

If you’re not the kind of person who wants to work for themselves and would prefer job security, think about and explore the jobs available with your qualifications. Here are some BS careers for accounting grads. There are other resources out there too!

credit to Careers for BS Accounting Grads

Can You Learn And Earn At The Same Time?

Talents Education Training Skills Hand Can Leave

Lots of people would like to continue on into higher education. However, the thing that usually stops them is the fear of not being able to support themselves while they learn.

Some people manage to get student loans, but many of those people are usually young enough to be able to scrimp, save, and live on peanuts as it is. The fact is, if you’re a little older, learning can be really difficult. However, there are ways you can learn and earn at the same time!

Consider Cutting Back and Getting A Part Time Job

This will totally depend on your current lifestyle, but is there anyway you can cut back on what you currently spend and get a part time job to support yourself? If you’re constantly buying clothes and going on night’s out with friends, there’s a big chance that you’re spending a lot of money on things you don’t need.

You might even be spending a lot of money on things like eating out, your phone bill, and other luxuries. If you really want to cut back, you should be able to find ways to do so. Then it’s a case of living below your means and finding the right job for you. It may be difficult, but you must remember how worth it it will be in the long run.

Pick A Course You Can Fit Around Your Current Lifestyle

If you don’t wish to change your current lifestyle as it stands at all, you could try to find a course that fits around your current lifestyle. Something like an online business bachelors degree can usually be undertaken when you have the time to do so, so you can continue working and doing the things you usually do.

However, you will need to be committed to doing the course and not simply putting it off. Getting into a good routine each day should help you, even if it’s first thing in the morning. Something like this may take longer to complete, and you’ll likely have a lot going on at once, but it’ll be worth it!

Consider Earning Money Online

Lots of people earn money online these days, and there are multiple ways to go about it. You could sell articles, write e-books, create content (although getting paid for this can take time), taking surveys, and more.

If you can create a couple of online revenue streams, you might just be able to support yourself. Watch YouTube for plenty of videos that will advise you on how best to go about this!

Get Creative

Although not a permanent solution, there are always going to be ways you can get creative and make money. Sell your old clothes. How about upcycling old furniture and selling it on? Make something and sell it. Just try out things you enjoy until you have a way of making money. So many people do it these days, and so can you!

Learning and earning won’t leave you with much time to yourself, but it’ll certainly pay off once you’ve passed your course!

Is Technology Revolutionizing Employees Training?

Talents Education Training Skills Hand Can LeaveThe rapid developments in technology that we see every year are changing every aspect of our lives. The way that employees are trained at work is no exception. Traditionally, employees would sit down and watch a boring training video or listen to a lecture and then complete workbook style tasks to learn new things.

This was a pretty ineffective method because, although it didn’t cost the company much, it wasn’t very engaging at all and lots of employees would come away not having learned much at all. Now technology is bringing us newer, more effective ways of improving our skills. Here are some of the ways that technology is revolutionizing employee training.

Online Qualifications

If employees wanted to get promotions in the past, they often found that they were unqualified and their career progression came to a grinding halt. There was no way that they could take a few years out of their job to get the qualifications that they needed so they had no option but to watch new employees overtake them and rise to new heights that were unavailable to them.

Now that is all changing. You can do complete online mba programs these days, so you can get qualified at your own pace from home and get the promotion that you deserve. There are so many different qualifications that you can take online so you don’t need to be worried about taking time off work.

Access To Information

Employee training no longer needs to be limited to specific sessions, or even to work hours. With improved access to information, they can learn anything that they need to at the click of a button.

That means if they are unsure of a certain process, they don’t need to wait until the next training session to learn it, they can just bring up the information on their computer and read it at their leisure. They can also access it on their own time at home if they feel that they need to brush up on certain things.

This allows employees to start training before they have even started their new job. As long as they have access to company portals, they can turn up on their first day fully prepared, meaning that employers don’t need to pay somebody for a week of training when they won’t be doing anything productive within the company.

Social Learning

Having a social platform at work which employees can use to communicate with one another is a valuable training tool. Collaboration with others is the best way to be effective in business and social platforms improve this no end.

Everybody will have their own set of skills and knowledge so being able to consult each other on various areas that might be a shortfall of yours is a great way to ensure that everybody knows everything that they need to as well as creating a better working culture in the office.

Blended Approach   

Lots of companies are now opting for a blended approach between traditional forms of training and new technologies. For example, employees can watch an instructional video and then try out those new skills on a mock-up version of the systems that they will eventually be using when they start their job. This method is much better for retaining information because they are actively participating rather than just watching.

The Business Secrets That Could Take Your Business From Zero To Hero

Are you tired of experiencing less than amazing results in your business? You’ve come to the right place. By using the business secrets outlined here, you could take your business from zero to hero in no time.

Change Your Mindset

Your mindset might seem like the least important thing, but it’s actually the most important thing when it comes to your business. Mindset is everything, and it’s far more powerful than you think. If you have a negative mindset, your business will reflect that. Just ask any successful entrepreneur. Tony Robbins is a great person to look at.

Go Virtual

Going virtual can save you so much time and hassle. Virtual assistants can free up your time, and you’ll spend much less money than actually hiring somebody in house. Many successful businesses actually choose to hire somebody from the Philippines, as they are affordable and work super hard!

Automate Whenever You Can

Automating your business frees up your time so you can focus more on what you’re good at. Automate the processes you do in your business most often using software and apps. You’ll free up everybody’s time, and your business will begin to thrive. At first you’ll spend more money, but eventually, you’ll make it back. The software you purchase will pay for itself.

Take Your Business Offline

Taking your business offline can help you to become more successful sometimes too. Consider speaking at seminars, or writing a book to share your expertise. Don’t underestimate the power of offline marketing either! The following infographic can give you some insights from influential people in business:

credit to Red Stag

4 Business Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making!

mistakesIf you are in business, then it’s likely that you want to be as successful as possible. But how can you do that if you are making errors that you don’t even realize you are doing. That are going to cause you problems and cost you money? Well, you’re not. That is why you have to be super aware of the thing that could be problematic as well as the thing that could be profitable. Keeping reading for some examples of what these things might be.

Not providing the right facilities

One major mistake that any sort of business can make is not providing the right facilities to their employees. Things such as changing rooms, lockers and safety gear.

Not only will this create a resentment between the workers and the owners. But it can also get you into serious trouble with the law. That is because it’s essential that you provide things for your workers’ health and safety.

In an office environment, this might be things like wrist supports for when they are typing, or back rests to help reduce strain on their joints. In an industrial environment, it may be things like providing the right signage, warning of dangerous, or giving them protective clothing to wear. Such as ear plugs.

Not disposing of waste properly

Another mistake that you will want to avoid with you business is not disposing of waste properly. Waste might not seem like a big deal to you, but there are few businesses out there that produce no waste at all. So you will need a plan in place of how to get rid of it.

In fact, some businesses produce a great deal of waste both in terms of items like boxes and paper, as well as dirty water waste that needs to be disposed of in a controlled way.

That means you need to be on top if the legislation about recycling and waste disposal. As well as offering things like separating bins, and installing tools like an Abest electronic water meter. To ensure that your waste disposal is running safely and effectively.

Not paying your employees enough

Now, as a shrewd business person, you may think that keeping wage low is the best way to maximize your profits. But this can be a real mistake, as it is only a false economy. What you save on wages you will probably spend on hiring anyway. As if you are not paying enough you will likely constantly have to re-recruit and train workers to meet your needs.

That is why it makes a lot more sane to pay a reasonable wage in the first place. As you have a better chance of keeping them in the long term.

Not investing in you marketing budget

Lastly, another mistake that you will want to avoid that can seriously affect your profit margins is forgetting to invest in a decent marketing budget.

Marketing, especially the online variety is vital for the success of any business in the current market, and you ignore this valuable way of generating revenue at your peril.

So ensure that all of your budget projection account for a decent marketing budget. That will allow your products to be placed in front of the people that are potential customers.


Best Businesses: Five Qualities That Will Help You Succeed

Tomes and tomes of business books have been written about ways that you can succeed in business, but the truth is actually a lot more simple than people would have you believe. Here are five qualities that any entrepreneur worth their salt needs in order to be successful.

A Knowledge Of Your Industry

First of all, you need to know your industry inside out. Expertise is something that will make you stand head and shoulders above other people in a similar position to you. A lack of expertise is also why a lot of businesses end up folding business

There isn’t any point in opening a restaurant if you’ve never worked in food service, no matter how long you’ve been dreaming of it. Instead, stick to something that you know well and that you understand.

An Understanding Of Other People

Secondly, you need to be able to understand the way that other people operate. Trust is a great quality to have, but let’s face it: the business world can be cut-throat so you need to make sure that you focus on yourself and what you can get out of any situation.

It’s important to make sure that your employees are loyal to you and to your company: you can ensure this happens by treating them well, by listening to any concerns they might have, and by generally being the boss that you wish you had twenty years ago. It’s good to keep your cards close to your chest, but treating people well is always something you should prioritize.

The Ability To Delegate

A lot of people end up burning out if they don’t understand how important it is to delegate tasks to other people. Of course, your business is your baby and your priority and maintaining it feels like the most important thing in the world, but you also need to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, and anything that you don’t excel  at?

It’s a good idea to pass it along to someone else who does. IT services are something that generally take up a lot of time if you don’t know a lot about it so you could always delegate that to a company like Brennan IT. Likewise, if you’re more sales-minded, make sure that you get in communications professionals for any content that needs to be produced, and accountants to make sure your books are all correct.

Learning To Network

Networking is key to succeeding as an entrepreneur. It’s how you make connections, it’s how you make sales, it’s how you hook in clients. When you’re starting off in an industry, networking might feel strange and false but remember that no one is there to make lifelong friends – you all know that you’re there to make connections and advance in the business world. Keep your business cards in your wallet and a smile on your face.

Buckets Of Professional Charm

Finally, you need to make sure that you’re friendly at all times. Being approachable is important, and if you’re a pleasure to work with them people will come back to you time and time again.

Navigating The Business Maze!!

entrepreneurOver 600,000 new businesses started up in 2016, an increase of 4.6% from 2015. Since the rise of the internet, companies pop up out of nowhere on a regular basis. For customers, this is great news as it provides more choice and lowers prices. For you, it’s bad news. More competition means more work because you have to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t, you’ll end up like the other 80% of firms that go out of business in the first year.

Navigating your way through the maze is essential for survival. The good news is that you don’t have to be Bear Grylls to get the job done.

Specify Search Terms

Okay, so you know what SEO stands for, right? Good because you won’t get very far if you don’t. The problem with search engine optimization is the variety of techniques. There is so many to choose from that it can seem impossible to pick the right ones.

What a business like yours needs to realize is that it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. The secret is to think like a customer. Once you get into the client’s head, it isn’t hard to predict how they will act. Then, all that’s left is to use the specific terms throughout your SEO plan. Specificity breeds uniqueness and originality, both of which are vital to creating a buzz.

Make Everything Shareable

Search engine optimization is an excellent way to stay one step ahead of the competition. It isn’t the only way, though. One method that will always stand the test of time is shareable content. With your digital presence being so important, it’s impossible to forget the impact of social media.

Every platform you can think of is beneficial, too. Why? It’s because Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. all let the user share what they please. A simple click of a button is often enough for a business to go viral. You know, as long as you have something different and worth sharing. People don’t have conversations any longer – they tag and tweet.

Don’t Forget Offline

Sure, most of the searching happens online in 2017. Still, some people search offline, and they are worth considering. In fact, millions of people use offline searches on a daily basis. Think about Silicon Valley or any major CBD. These areas are full of physical offices which promote the brand.

If there is wayfinding signage to point them in the right direction, they might even drop by for a visit. The location makes a difference as the right one carries a positive stigma.

Promote Contact Details

Almost every business on the planet has a website. You might have the greatest site possible, and it still might not make a difference. There are plenty of reasons why, but there is one simple one. Companies put so much emphasis on neat

Companies put so much emphasis on neat parlor tricks that they forget the basics. For example, the site might have lots of video content and great navigation tools. However, it’s all arbitrary if there aren’t any contact details so that they can get in touch. A tip: make the contact page easy to find.



There’s No Hype without a Prototype

prototypeWant to get fans and investors hyped about your new product idea? Want to make sure it’s something that could actually work beyond the theory in your head? Want to engage in a creative process that will see you develop your idea into something even better? Then you need to make a prototype. Here’s a quick guide to just that.

The importance of being first

It seems pretty important that your idea is original, right? Not only is this going to help when it comes to selling it to investors and, of course, the public, but it will also save you time and money during this process.

Remember that prototyping is time-consuming and often expensive. (We’ll look at that a little more later!) So if you end up developing a prototype for an idea that’s already taken, then you’re going to have wasted a lot of resources for something that isn’t of much use. You need to take care to ensure that your idea hasn’t been patented by somebody else already. Thankfully, this is a relatively simple process.

Patenting problems

Speaking of patents, you’re going to have to patent your own idea, assuming it’s original and feasible. But when exactly should you do it?

Filing a patent is expensive so many would argue that you should probably hold off until you’re deeper into the prototyping process – especially because designs and functions end up changing so much during the process. The specifications of the patent need to match the end product, otherwise, it won’t be properly protected. This is, however, the risk that someone else comes up with the idea and patents it first! Be careful about your approach, here.

Software and hardware

Software is an invaluable part of modern prototyping. 3D modelling and computer-aided design (CAD, in industry parlance) allow you to visualize and even, in many ways, test the product. For those who haven’t got the resources to start building things, this can be a great way of getting investors interested.

Actually making a physical prototype is the more expensive and complex task. Not that you necessarily need to have all the hardware yourself, understand. There are plenty of businesses out there that will help you with the physical production processes people developing prototypes often need, such as PU moulding.

Time and money

Working on a prototype takes a lot of time. After all, it’s a new business venture. For those of you who don’t already own a business but are looking to build one on the success of this prototype, it may be worth dedicating all the free time you have to perfecting this prototype. Taking some time off work may also be prudent – quitting altogether, however, may not be so smart.

Prototyping also costs money, so you’re going to need a source of income! If the funds required exceeds what your job can provide you, then you should consider asking others for financial assistance. You may even want to look into crowdfunding, though be careful that the manner in which you run a crowdfunding campaign doesn’t end up turning potential investors off of the finished product!