Getting The Best Deal On Transport For Your Business

When it comes to shipping items to and from your warehouse, freight trucks are the most commonly used vehicle and they can carry huge loads in one go which can save you time and money on fuel.

For a small business the idea of using a freight company might be fairly new, and the temptation to agree to any price can be huge. However, if you want to be successful as a business you need to be able to negotiate.

1. Look around

Before anything else, always make sure you approach more than one transport company and get a few different quotes for the prices you would be able to achieve. You will find that every transport company prices their trips differently and this is why you could end up with a really varied choice of prices.

However, once you have the initial quotes here is where the work begins.

2. Ask for help

Get your team to work on the job and call around each of the companies you have spoken to. The idea here is to talk about them taking a shipment from you and asking them how much once more. When they give you a price you can counter that with:

‘Well, company name quoted me this price which is cheaper, is there any way you can match or beat this price for us?’

Freight companies are tough cookies and they won’t always crumble at the first sight of a challenge, but it can always be worth that initial price probe for later.

3. Meet in person

If you are going to be trusting someone to handle your goods which will be either brought to you or your customers, you need to get to know them.

We all need to have mutual trust and meeting in person at their place of work is a good way to see whether they would be a good business partner.

Take a look at the grounds, the people and the state of the vehicles. If you both get on well and you think you can trust them, it could be a winner.

4. Build a rapport

Building a friendly relationship with a company can allow you to be a little more brash with your ideas and it can allow you to be a big cheeky when negotiating a price.

If you have been paying them for a while and they know they can trust you, they will likely give you a reduced rate to make sure you stay with them don’t move to someone else.

5. Don’t settle for more

Sometimes you need a truck rapidly for whatever reason and this can mean you are tempted to just grab the first available slot you can, but don’t.

Maintain your principles when it comes to any order because if you give in one price once, the company will be more likely to try and charge you more in the future.

Stick with your guns and you will still be able to get a good deal even if it is for something very last minute.

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