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How To Create Your Ongoing Presentation At Exhibitions

Craftworld Events

Craftworld Events

Ever walk around a business exhibition and it feels like you’re in Time Square? There are so many advertisements bombarding you from all sides, it can be like a kid in a sweet shop for businessmen.

This is because when you walk by a stand, you should be able to see and understand exactly what it is that business is all about.

You can’t talk to all the people at the stand as they might be busy talking with another consumer, and neither can you wait all day to ask them basic questions.

Therefore when you’re heading to a business exhibition yourself, you’ll need to follow suit. Just because you have the basic premise down, doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous.

Once you know how to set up your stand and what it should look like, then you can go onto experimenting with different face-to-face marketing skills.

1. Standing to a-10-tion

Booths are where consumers get to have a more intimate experience with a business and the marketing or sales staff. 10×10 exhibit booths are by far the most popular choice because they are small and easily transportable.

They combine different materials so it’s not just a plastic stand that will fall over easily. On top of this they allow more room on your designated floor which means, the booth can be like the island while your staff go out to swim.

Their obvious goal is to snap up people who are looking like they’re interested. They can bring them back to the booth when they need to give a demonstration, a better explanation or just taking down their details to such as name and email for other marketing or business purposes.

2. On a loop

It might sound easy, but making a marketing video is difficult to get right. It’s important you make this kind of video so you can play it on a loop on your flat-screen tv which should be placed at the booth.

You should really have at least 2 or 3 so people walking either side can get a taste of what you are about. In the video the visuals must be incredibly strong.

The sound is important but save that for when people wish to actually come to your booth and put on some headphones to listen to it. Therefore for this to happen smoothly, you should have one central TV that is for consumers and customers wanting a demonstration.

Otherwise, the video should be about why your product and or services are useful and how they can be used.

3. Comfortable Speakers

Not every marketing expert in your business will have charisma. They will have the knowledge of how to make a presentation but they won’t all have the skill to charm their way into talking with complete strangers who are busy with other things.

Therefore to have an ongoing team that is going to be working around the clock, you need those that are passionate about meeting new people.

They need to be very enthusiastic about the booth and what it represents as their genuine love for what they do will be a selling point to consumers.

At any business exhibition you are presenting in, you need to have a good solid stand. However logistically speaking, something that is transportable like a 10×10 booth makes sense in a lot of scenarios.

Creating a video that will explain what you’re about exhibit will be useful as it can be played on a loop to help pull in those walking by.

How to Minimize Your Work When Managing Your Business

Managing a business and being the person who’s expected to make all the big decisions can be a difficult task sometimes. You should try to remember that just because you’re running the business, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself.

No business can operate as a one-man band, even if you want to retain control of it. You need to branch out and find ways to take some of the work off your shoulders. Here’s how.

1. Trust People

Trusting people to work well for your business and to offer you the best possible outcomes is something that you really need to do when you want your business to succeed.

This is something that can’t really be taken for granted, but you do need to offer trust because most people want to do their best for your company and they want it to succeed when they’re working for you.


2. Get Professional Help With Managing Your Website

Many people who are great at running businesses are not necessarily so great at managing websites. And that’s perfectly fine because these are two completely different tasks requiring different skills.

It’s up to you to ensure you get the help you need. Using a managed server and a good hosting service is a good start. Then you can look for regular help with maintenance if you need it.

3. Expand the Skills and Capabilities of Your Team

The skills and capabilities of your team really are a priority. When they’re better equipped to work well for your business, it will help you in the long-term because it will give you the chance to offer them more to do and offer the tougher briefs.

You should offer employee training so that they will always be ready to help you turn your business into a force to be reckoned with.

4. Outsource Mundane Tasks

Outsourcing is one of those things that pretty much all companies can benefit from in one way or another. So try to outsource the mundane tasks that you don’t want to be wasting your time on each day.

It will only make your life harder than it needs to be if you don’t try this. There are lots of good companies to outsource to, so give it a try if you haven’t already.

5. Try to Automate Too

Finally, you should also try to automate more of what you do because there are people out there who are already doing this and reaping the rewards. There are so many little tasks that can be taken care of by computers, freeing up more of your time and leaving you with less on your plate. That’s got to be a good thing.

Running a business is never easy, and no one ever said that it would be. But it also doesn’t have to be a massive weight around your neck every moment of the day; that’s not how it’s supposed to be for you. So try to take things easy and ease the load a little by making the most of these tips.

Getting The Best Deal On Transport For Your Business

When it comes to shipping items to and from your warehouse, freight trucks are the most commonly used vehicle and they can carry huge loads in one go which can save you time and money on fuel.

For a small business the idea of using a freight company might be fairly new, and the temptation to agree to any price can be huge. However, if you want to be successful as a business you need to be able to negotiate.

1. Look around

Before anything else, always make sure you approach more than one transport company and get a few different quotes for the prices you would be able to achieve. You will find that every transport company prices their trips differently and this is why you could end up with a really varied choice of prices.

However, once you have the initial quotes here is where the work begins.

2. Ask for help

Get your team to work on the job and call around each of the companies you have spoken to. The idea here is to talk about them taking a shipment from you and asking them how much once more. When they give you a price you can counter that with:

‘Well, company name quoted me this price which is cheaper, is there any way you can match or beat this price for us?’

Freight companies are tough cookies and they won’t always crumble at the first sight of a challenge, but it can always be worth that initial price probe for later.

3. Meet in person

If you are going to be trusting someone to handle your goods which will be either brought to you or your customers, you need to get to know them.

We all need to have mutual trust and meeting in person at their place of work is a good way to see whether they would be a good business partner.

Take a look at the grounds, the people and the state of the vehicles. If you both get on well and you think you can trust them, it could be a winner.

4. Build a rapport

Building a friendly relationship with a company can allow you to be a little more brash with your ideas and it can allow you to be a big cheeky when negotiating a price.

If you have been paying them for a while and they know they can trust you, they will likely give you a reduced rate to make sure you stay with them don’t move to someone else.

5. Don’t settle for more

Sometimes you need a truck rapidly for whatever reason and this can mean you are tempted to just grab the first available slot you can, but don’t.

Maintain your principles when it comes to any order because if you give in one price once, the company will be more likely to try and charge you more in the future.

Stick with your guns and you will still be able to get a good deal even if it is for something very last minute.