5 Tips on How to Protect Your Garden Office

If you are lucky enough to have found the perfect balance between working from home and staying out of the house, and have a garden office, it is important that you pay attention to security features.


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It will not be long until people with bad intention discover that you have valuable equipment and computers in the building, and disaster strikes. Below you will find a few tips on how to protect your garden office from intruders.


1. Separate CCTV

You might want to set up a CCTV that is linked to a monitor in your home. It is not hard to find a computer system that will run all the cameras. You can even check on your office when you are out and about, even if you are spending your well deserved vacation. A CCTV that is visible has a deterrent effect, and you can keep out people from your property who have no business to hang around.

2. Access Control

It might also be a good idea to install an access control system, especially if you have employees. You can issue cards that are unique for the individuals, so you don’t need to have mechanical locks. This will also help you track and trace who visited your office last, and check whether or not the doors and windows are locked. Just because you are running your business in a residential area, you can’t feel completely safe.

3. Flood Lights

Flood lights are a good investment for your home and your office as well. The light itself will make criminals think twice whether or not to proceed with their plans. If you have a clear view over your home office from the upstairs window, you will be able to keep your business safe and deter people who are turning up in the middle of the night with not the best of intentions.  Outdoor Solar Garden lights can go along way in keeping your garden office safe.

4. Home Alarm System

You might even add your garden office to the home security system, depending on how far it is from the main building. This means that you can keep an eye on what’s going on inside and outside, and get notified of electrical faults or other issues that can threaten your office and your valuables. The further the building is from other houses the more advanced your security should be.

5. Separate Entrance

If you have dedicated a part of your backyard to running your business, you might want to create a separate entrance gate. You might also prevent people from parking in your allocated lot if you install steel bridges and control access through a dedicated gate.

Check out the available constructions at https://northernmat.ca/products/portable-all-steel/ and find out how much easier it is to receive deliveries and control access.

Running your business from your backyard can pose security risks. You need to find ways of monitoring and controlling access, keeping your valuables safe, and deterring criminals, so you can carry on with your operations without distractions and make the most out of your garden office.


One thought on “5 Tips on How to Protect Your Garden Office

  1. Wow, This is actually what I was looking for this. I like the tips that are garden can protect Separate CCTV. I need this. And I am going to fix this as soon as possible. Thanks for the sharing this.


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