5 Easy Ways To Boost Social Media Engagement

All good business owners know that social media marketing is one of the best tools you have at your disposal. Getting a lot of followers online and posting regular marketing material is a good way to promote yourself but there’s more to it than that. If you really want to get the most out of your social media marketing campaign, you need people to engage with your posts. 


That means commenting on them and sharing them with their friends. It’s difficult to get people to follow you in the first place but it’s even harder to get them to engage with your posts. If you’re having trouble getting people to comment on and share your social media posts, here are some great ways to increase engagement.

Build Your Own App

If you’ve got your own app for your business, you can include a social media share button. It makes it quick and easy for customers to share with their friends when they’ve just bought something, increasing your reach without too much extra work on your part. Building an app and getting people to use it is no easy feat.

The first thing you need to do is work out what features to include on the app aside from the social media share button. Then you need to find a great app developer to build it for you. The final step, and the most important, is testing.

Head over to www.globalapptesting.com to find more information about professional app testing. It’s not enough to just get a couple of friends to test it out. If you don’t get it tested properly then you’ll end up releasing an app with a load of bugs and a poor user interface and you won’t get anybody using it to share your posts on social media.

Use More Images

People are never going to share your posts if they don’t notice them in the first place. When they’re scrolling through their social media feed, they’re going to see thousands of posts and yours can easily get lost in the noise.

That’s why you need to do something to grab their attention so they’ll stop and look at your posts, then hopefully share them or comment on them. Pictures are proven to be a lot more effective at catching people’s attention than text alone so you need to be using them on everything that you post.

Research also shows that the engagement rates on posts with images are far higher than ones without. In fact, you’ll get an engagement rate of 35 percent on text posts compared with 85 percent on posts with pictures on.

Start A Blog

Another easy way to get people to share your posts is give them something worth sharing. That means creating helpful and informative posts that people will want to share with friends. Creating a blog is the best way to do this.

People will be able to read your posts and send them around online, boosting your online presence no end. The first challenge you’ll have to overcome when you’re starting a blog is getting traffic. Once you’ve got some readers, make sure that the social media share button is front and centre and encourage them to click on it.

Have A Sense Of Humour

When people are sending things to their friends online, they’re going to want to share things that are entertaining. If you’re constantly posting promotional material and nothing else, you aren’t going to get that much engagement online.

That’s why you need a sense of humour in your posts. Some of the most successful online campaigns managed to get so many people engaged because they’re funny. Injecting a bit of personality into your social media posts will really help with engagement, but you shouldn’t force it. People will see right through it and it won’t do you any favours.

Ask For Feedback

If you want people to comment on posts and give you reviews, you only need to ask. If you post marketing materials that don’t invite any engagement then you aren’t likely to get any. That’s why you need to start writing your posts differently to encourage people to engage with them more.

For example, write things like, ‘what do you think of our latest product?’ etc. Ending with a question always increases engagement. You can also use things like surveys or competitions to boost engagement as well.


If you use these simple tips and tricks you can easily increase engagement on your social media pages.

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