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4 Genuine Ways To Generate a Side Income

One of the best ways to make money is to earn money in your sleep. If you can set something up to keep a steady flow of income, then it really can make a difference to your cash flow. business-idea

Plus, it can allow you to carry on with your normal job or business if there is a simple and enjoyable side-hustle that is allowing you to earn on the side. But what are some legitimate ways to do that, and legitimate ways that will work from home? Here are some ideas to be thinking about.

1. Trading

Much like matched betting, the thought of trading online can feel quite daunting to many, especially if you have not dabbled in this before; it can feel like a whole new world.

But if you look up some of the free advice online that can be found on blogs and websites, as well as perhaps using a trading technology tool like CMC Markets, then it could make it all more manageable. Take your time with trading online; the money can be great, but to some degree, so can the risks. So plan out what you want to do before doing it.

2. Matched Betting

If you are yet to hear about the world of matched betting, then you have been missing out. You can add hundreds to your income every month by participating in matched betting.

Many can be put off by the name, though, when it is in fact a form of ‘safe’ online betting. And by using the word ‘safe’, it means that it isn’t even gambling at all. Signing up to a reputable website is the way to go, and then managing your finances carefully.

From there it is definitely possible to make money through it, and it is all done online and from the comfort of your own home.

3. Use What You’ve Got

If you are looking for a simple way to generate a passive income, then use what you already have. It could be anything from a garage space, driveway, to your car or yard.

There are plenty of sites and advertisers that want to use the space that you have got for ads. So as long as you don’t mind a sticker on your car or a sign in your front yard, then it can be some easy money. You could even offer a spare room on sites like Airbnb.

4. Better Banking

When was the last time you switched banks or moved your money into a savings account? This can take some time to organize, (although a lot of banks will help you through the process as they want your custom).

Make sure that you are banking with the banks that offer the best rates, particularly if you have a lot of money in savings that could be earning more for you, just by sitting there.


Have you ever tried any of these ways to earn an extra income before? It would be great to hear what has worked for you.

Top Ideas for Starting an Online Business

Starting a business is always a challenge, and that’s true even if you’re simply starting an online business. You can’t expect this process to be a walk in the park, but there are some online business ideas that are a little easier to start than others.

We’ve decided to look at the business ideas that are both feasible for you and most likely to lead you to success. Those are the two main matters that should be focused on when you’re deciding which online business to start.

work from home

Some of these online business ideas are not going to be right for you, but there’s sure to be at least one or two of them that do interest you in one way or another. You should consider all of the ideas mentioned because it could be the idea that you would never have thought of by yourself that actually turns out to be the one that’s right for you. Read on now and learn about each of these ideas and why they’re worth considering.

Manage Social Media Accounts

Managing accounts on social media is a great business to run if you’re someone who loves the ins and outs of social media. It’s not necessary an easy job because the demands of one social media account on one platform will be entirely different to a business’s account on a different platform.

You have to fully understand the business or person you’re representing when you run their accounts and think about who the audience is for this kind of online content coming from them. But if you can do all that, give it a try.

Offer Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is something that can be done online if you use your internet connection to make VoIP calls to people, so it technically counts as an online business. Of course, this niche is not necessarily for everyone, and it can be very difficult to get good at it if you’re just starting out.

If you don’t want to be making calls yourself, you can hire people who have experience in that field, and you can just take care of the other sides of the business instead.

Website Design

If you love building websites and everything that’s involved in that complicated process, you should consider selling this service to other people. Pretty much every business and plenty of individuals need to have websites designed for them, and that’s something you can make the most out of it.

Your business will grow fast because being able to build websites at an affordable rate will also mean that you’re in demand and able to find a steady stream of good work. As long as you’ve got the skills for this, it’s a good idea to consider.

Buy and Sell Domains

Buying and selling is a great way to make money online, whether you’re buying and selling antiques or doing the same for website domains. If you can buy these cheaply, build them up a little and then sell them on, you’ll be able to make a considerable sum of money in a short space of time.

Many people make a lot of money by doing this, and as long as you understand how domains work and what makes them valuable and appealing to buyers, you should make a success of it.

Remote Tech Support

Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to offering tech support. If you want to show the world how to get things fixed when something goes wrong with their phone, computer or other electronic device, starting a business is the best way to do it.

People pay considerable money for remote tech support help. They’re in a hurry and want support from someone who knows what they’re doing. Are you in a position to fit that description. Tech support is always going to be in demand too, so it’s an idea worth considering.

Teach Others and Share Your Knowledge

Teaching other people is one thing that’s now done online by many people. You can make money sharing your knowledge and teaching people about things they don’t yet understand. It’s something that can be really fun because it allows you to indulge your passion and share it.

As This elearning course development resource is definitely worth reading if you want to get started in this area. You won’t regret it and you might just end up making a lot of money with this unique  business idea.

best business

SEO Services

The world of SEO can seem like a really big and complicated one, and that’s because it is in many ways. There are so many things you need to do and understand before you can fully appreciate SEO and what’s all about.

Of course, in its most basic form, it’s about making your website easy to find on search engine results pages. The rules are set by Google, and if you want to reach people via search engines, you have to play by those rules.

Ebook Publishing

Publishing ebooks is not just for people who write novels and stuff like that. You can offer advice to people on how to run a business, how to do advertising or how to increase profits.

If you’ve got experience of doing these things, you will be an authority who can teach people exactly what they need to know about any given topic. Ebooks are so cheap and easy to publish as well, so once you’ve got the content sorted, there’s not much left that you can even spend your money on.

Niche Retail

Retail is obviously still a big deal online, so if you want nothing more than to sell stuff online, you really should go for it. A niche area of retail could be exactly what you need to follow your passion and to develop a core of dedicated customers who keep coming back for more and more.

It is important to know your niche and stick to it though because if you don’t, you will find it difficult to compete with other companies operating in the same area as yours.

Social Media Consulting

We’ve already mentioned managing social media accounts, but if that’s too much hard work for you, you could always try offering consulting services to companies instead.

The beauty of doing this is that it’s a more hands-off kind of online business, but you still get to help people out. In fact, you’re helping them to improve themselves and that’s got to be a good thing for everyone involved. The consulting process should be one that you work hard on because there’s lots of competition out there.


Finally, you should think about the prospect of blogging as a business. You don’t need to feel like blogging is nothing more than a hobby because many people do manage to make a lot of money from their blog by running it as a business.

If you build a following and you use things like Adsense and affiliate marketing tactics, you can create a blog that’s more than capable of earning you a steady income. It’s hard work to reach that point, but that’s the same for any profitable business.

Starting an online business is more possible and more viable than many people imagine. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t take this big step forwards because it’s all about how you approach it and how creative you allow yourself to be. That entrepreneurial spirit is in you; you just need to find it.

How To Keep Your Company Safe and Compliant

A lot of people work hard to build their business, they put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the process of starting out, yet it doesn’t take much for all that hard work to fall apart if you were to take your eye off the ball and not keep your business safe and compliant.  

When you have worked so hard to build a business the last thing you want is for it to go down the pan due to a safety, security or compliance issue as these risks can easily be foreseen and avoided.teamwork

Unfortunately, hindsight is a great yet somewhat redundant tool when it comes to these matters and it’s only usually in hindsight that business owners look back and wish they had done something differently.

When it comes to issues around data loss – you’ll often hear about entrepreneurs kicking themselves due to not backing up their data, for instance, as this one thing could save so much heartache, money, time, and hard work.

This article therefore looks at a number of ways to proactively keep your business safe and compliant.

  1. Employees

From a security perspective, your employees should be taking care of your business rather than be viewed as a potential threat to the safety and security of your business, but unfortunately, a lot of times within retail, for instance, it is the staff that account for a large proportion of theft.

It’s therefore important to have measures in place to protect yourself from your staff, which sounds like a very grim reality, but it’s better to be safe than sorry – and it’s better you are alert so that you can take action, rather than blindly keep your head in the sand, as a corrupt employee is as damaging to your organisation as cancer within your body.

  1. Keep Your Taxes In Order

This might seem like an obvious point, but if you’re not keeping up to date with your taxes or there are accuracy issues, this could land you in serious trouble.

Whether you’re intentionally cooking the books or are just being careless, or inaccurate due to a genuine mistake, taxes are a big deal as tax departments in most countries have extensive powers to investigate into your affairs.  

Interestingly, a popular search term within Google is “where to find my company tax number?” suggesting many people aren’t up to speed with basic company administration. They are so busy running their business and they feel they don’t have time for such trivial matters. Failure to file your taxes in time can negatively affect your business due to high fines that comes with non-compliance.

  1. Get Good Insurance

A decent business insurance policy is worth the cost as in the case of an emergency having this safety net has an incredible amount of value; particularly if you are running a small business.  

Just make sure your insurance policy actually covers you, as the last thing you want after a disaster is to be debating with the insurance company as they try to wriggle out of paying.