The Two Routes Into The Natural Skincare Industry

Trends in skincare industry

Trends in skincare have changed a lot in the last decade. Before that, the ingredients of skin and beauty products weren’t top of people’s list of priorities but now research shows that it is one of the main driving factors behind a consumer’s decision to buy a certain product.

Whether they are realistic or not, there are fears about the dangers of using products with a lot of chemicals in. Environmental concerns also play a big role in this change in attitudes because some of the ingredients used can damage the environment.

A recent example of this is research into micro-beads that are found in exfoliating washes; they’ve been found to be incredibly dangerous because they enter the water supply and eventually make their way back to the sea where they are swallowed by fish.

Some of the fish will be killed by this but some will be caught and served up for us to eat, complete with micro-beads. These health and environmental worries have made natural skincare and beauty the defining trend of the industry and it’s set to last a while.


It’s still a relatively new trend so now is the perfect time to start your own business.

There are a few market leaders out there already but there’s no reason why you can’t make a name for yourself.



Starting a Skincare Business

When it comes to making a business out of natural products you’ve got a few options; the first is to take the traditional route and open your own shop. You’ll need to get funding from somewhere like to cover your startup costs, find a great location, and design some products.

The benefit of a physical shop is that people often choose their beauty products based on smell. When it comes to natural products they also want specific information on exactly what goes into them and what those ingredients actually are. That’s why a lot of people prefer to have an experienced shop assistant to talk to when they’re shopping, rather than buying online.

However, there is still a huge market for these products online and you could take advantage of social media to build your own brand without having to spend the money on starting a business.

Lots of brands get started on social media first by reviewing other products and building a following. People like Michelle Phan are getting millions of views on their videos. Once you’re well-known enough and people trust you, you can start to create your own products.

You’ll already have a big market to sell to in your social media followers so generating sales should be fairly straightforward. The difficulty with this route is that it is going to be difficult to build that initial following in the first place.

There is no barrier stopping people from trying to start their own beauty brands and the success stories of people like Phan have driven thousands of people to try to make their own. That means you need something different that nobody else is offering.

Whichever route you decide to take, there’s good money to be made in the natural skincare industry.


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