Tips to Ensure You Stand Out at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a fantastic platform for entrepreneurs and budding new businesses to get their names out there, but it isn’t easy to make them work for you, especially because the average trade show will have around 300 stands all vying for attention!business-meeting

At a trade show, you will usually only have a few seconds to make an impression and attract customers over to your stand, and only a few minutes to convince them to buy from you, which is why it is so important that you work hard to ensure you stand out at trade shows.

Here are some foolproof things you can do to attract attention and make more sales at trade shows:

Let People Know You’ll Be There

If you have an email list of customers, clients and people who’ve expressed interest in your business, well in advance of the event, you should let them know that you plan to be there, and offer them incentives to show up, such as money off vouchers.

This will help to ensure that there is some immediate interest in your booth, which will ensure you’re not sitting there sad and alone as potential customers pass you by thinking you’re not worth the effort.

Less is More

You might think that, if you want all eyes to be on your trade stand, you should go all out to decorate it and make it eye-catching, but actually this is rarely the case because a stand that is too loud can be overwhelming and off-putting.

So, sure, decorate your stand and make it look interesting, but do so in a more minimalistic way by using simple design features, informative text and perhaps a slogan that encompasses your core message and tells the customer what you’re about in a few words.

Wear Lanyards

It’s never a bad idea for you, and any members of your staff who are attending the trade show with you, to wear lanyards with your business name printed on it, like the ones you can find at this page. By doing this, you will be maintaining your company’s visibility even when you aren’t at your stand, thus getting more eyes to see your message.

Give Free Gifts

It’s a trade show, and people are there to check out the goods you offer. It is, therefore, a no-brainer to let them try out your stuff for themselves by giving away a few free gifts.

Not only will this please the customers who are handed the gifts, but it will help your company to stand out when they are carrying that product around the show with them. Offering free gifts in return for information is also a great way to collect market research in what has to be one of the best places to do just that.

Be Informed

If you’re manning your booth yourself, you will undoubtedly be well-versed in all of your products and services and what you have to offer customers and clients who choose you over the competition.

If, however, you’re staffing your stand with employees or people you’ve hired for the day, this might not be the case. So, before the event, you will need to take the time to train them in your business.

This will help your company to stand out for all the right reasons, rather than for being the booth manned by in competent know-nothings!

Print Coupons

Using this site to print out coupons and then handing them out to people at the trade show so that they can get a discount on your goods is a great way to boost your booth and make it a more attractive proposition.

There are very few people who do not like a bargain and giving them one could be enough to make you very busy and once your booth is busy, other attendees will be intrigued to know why and come flocking over themselves.

Hold a Raffle

Holding a raffle is another good way to make your business stand out from the competition at trade shows. Like I said above, most people love a discount, but they love free stuff even more, So, if you can give them the opportunity to bag a freebie on the way, you will be on to a winner.

Ensure You’re Accessible

No matter how good your products are and how hard you’ve worked to make an attractive display, if it’s awkward for your customers to get to you, then they probably won’t bother.

So, ditch the clutter, keep the doors open and ensure that there are no obstacles between you and the people attending the event.

Have Fun

If you want to have hoards of people gathering around your trade stand at your next event, inject some humor into the proceedings.

Everyone loves to have a laugh, and if you can provide them with the opportunity to do just that with your unique sales patter or a funny display, you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

Scope Out the Competition

If you can, scope out the competition to see what they’re doing, focusing on the biggest players in your niche if you can. If they’re offering candy, offer cakes, or if they’re raffling a toy, you raffle a whole chest of the things.

 The big boys really know what they’re doing at trade shows, so if you can outdo them in even one small way, you will attract attention and hopefully make a lot more money as a result.

Shoot a Video

Shooting a video that showcases your brand is a great way to get people interested. A lot of people are more visually inclined that they are verbally, so by using this medium, you will be able to reach more people and create a good impression, providing you don’t skimp on your video’s production, of course.

Stage Stunts

Last, but definitely not least, staging a stunt is sure to get you the attention you crave. Organizing a flash mob outside your booth, bringing your cute puppy along to show off the merchandise or hiring a local celebrity to come and do something for you is pretty much guaranteed to create a buzz.


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