How to Prepare for Uncertainty in Business

We currently live in a world that seems to always be on edge. Terrorism, natural disasters, cyber crime, economic crashes – you name it, our world has dealt with it. Which each of these issues, it becomes clear that we need to tighten security for our businesses as much as we possibly can. It’s not just the security of our staff, but the actual business itself.

mistakesHow quickly your business would be able to recover from a terrorist attack, fire, flood or an economic crash is really going to make a difference to how successful you are going forward. You need to ensure that your company is adequately prepared as it not only does your company good in the event of something going wrong, but it creates a level of trust from your clients! Your company needs to be prepared – like the boy scouts – for any and every type of disaster that comes your way.

We’ve got 4 of those preparation tips for you here!

Make A Plan-

Every office should have plans for fire safety, and you probably do regular practice drills in case of a fire so every employee knows what to do. But do you have an emergency response plan in place in case of terrorism? It’s on the rise, meaning businesses in built-up city areas should be ready. Evacuation routes should be posted throughout the building so you know where to go!

Disaster Prep-

You’ve probably heard of doomsday preppers, who keep a prep bag full of flashlights, water, matches and candles handy. Having a prep bag in the office in case of electricity failure and needing to stay until emergency services can get to you. Keep a camera in there, too, so you can take photos of any damage.

Back-Up Data-

Nearly every business transaction is now electronic, and if you suffer a huge power failure, you’ll need a disaster recovery company to come in and help you to get your data back. You need your client and financial databases to keep your business going and it’s recommended that you back up your files in the cloud. Any paper files should be stored in waterproof and fireproof boxes.

Determine Communication Chain-

Your company will likely be fully trained in all aspects of safety, but making sure everyone understands to whom they should communicate in a crisis is important. There should be a known communication chain for employees to talk to someone – so you need to work out who will be responsible for talking to insurance, who will contact clients to update them, and so on.

Always have a hard copy of phone numbers to grab in a crisis, too, as this will make the difference you need when the electronics are out of action.

Companies that make a point of preparing themselves, their data and their staff in the right way will be the ones who recover quickly when things go south. Be the company that knows how to manage when things go wrong!


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