5 Essential Free Products & Services Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Launching a startup company tends to be wrought with an endless stream of overheads and expenses, all of which can start heaping the pressure on you as an entrepreneur. There are equipment costs, website fees, supplies and insurance and so much more. Yeah, it is daunting, but it is worth getting your head around early on to save yourself from being caught in the headlights.entreprenuer

However, being the superheroes we are, we have compiled a list of helpful tips for you to utilize free services and products, which will hopefully relieve some of the pressures on you in those all-important first few months.

  1. The Website

A lot of the time the fees associated with websites are only small, but it all adds up very quickly so it is better to know where the free ones are. That’s where designing and hosting your website with Google Sites comes in handy.

The reason for this is simple: Google Sites allows it’s users to create sites using their pre-existing templates for free, after this it is just a matter of knowing the essential website tips. If you want to have a website that is a little less basic, though, then we recommend you look at Intuit, which offers free site-building tools and hosting for a year, which should be long enough to get up and running.

  1. The Accounting

It is one of those tasks that you are going to need to do, but one of those tasks that you aren’t going to want to do at all. To start with the more positive side of things, the invoicing, you can get free invoice templates for Word, Excel, and PDF, which is handy because it will mean more profit when collecting your money.

As for free and easy to use accounting software, we recommend you have a look at Wave, which is grabbing the attention of a lot of small businesses.

  1. The Analytics

Success in business these days seems to be about collecting data and going through the metrics to make sure you know what is working and what is failing. You want to know who’s been on your website, how they found it, and what they spent their time doing once there. The best way to gather this information for free is to use Google Analytics free version, which presents your information in lovely charts and graphs.

  1. The Office Furniture

People always underestimate the cost of furniture. This is both in home life and business. Well, instead of forking out a load of cash on office furniture which, let’s be honest, is just office furniture, why not have a little look at Freecycle. This is ideal for those looking to keep costs down because it is a platform by which local people can get rid of things they no longer want or need. It’s perfect.

  1. The Conference Call

No business is legit without the ability to engage in conference calls, and that means hosting them too. The great news is, you can get around paying for this requirement by using any number of free conference call services. The best of the bunch in our opinion is GroupMe, which is part of Skype, while Fring does video conferencing. So take your pick.

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