The Hacker You Want In Your Business Team: 7 Growth Hacker Strategies

businessNobody likes a hacker. They are the silent predators of digital businesses. They can find areas where your security is weak and breach into your data. There is one type of hacker who you want on your side: The growth hacker.


A growth hacker is a digital professional who is specialized in generating revenue growth and maximizing your business awareness. Although a growth hacker tends to work primarily in the digital sphere, they sometimes have amazing tips for the offline strategy too.

There’s a lot you can learn from their hacking methods, which focus on experimenting and trying until they find the right solution – just like any other hacker. Except that the growth hacker looks for the right solution for your business. Here are some the best growth hacking strategies.

#1. Analyze Where You Are

There is no denying it: Growth hacking is about hacking your way to success. Consequently, it’s essential to know where you are starting from and what the market situation is around your business. In marketing terms, it is called a situational analysis. From a growth hacking point of view, it is about identifying areas of weakness and threats to avoid these.

Additionally, the situational analysis will also help to highlight market opportunities and business strengths that can be utilized to generate growth. In short, don’t start without knowing where you are starting from, otherwise, how would you know in which direction you are supposed to go?

The situational analysis may take time, but for growth hacking purposes, it is the perfect tool to define the internal and external challenges and to identify the areas that are strong in the competition.

#2. Look At New Business Approaches

However, growth hacking is not about following the same old strategies. The reason why you don’t want to be doing the same thing is that you’ve been doing it before already, and you still haven’t generated growth. Therefore, at the core of growth hacking methodology, there’s the need to try something new for the business. Sometimes, all it takes is to

Sometimes, all it takes is to change your mindset and to look at the market from a different angle. Being optimistic helps, naturally, but being open to new possibilities is a massive advantage in the business world. It means that you are not afraid of experimenting. Also, it’s important to make the most of the talent you’ve got in-house.

For instance, it is not uncommon for businesses to keep talented creatives occupied with menial tasks that could be automated instead. Make sure that you are giving your team the time they need to find new approaches: Use automated solutions for everything that doesn’t need the human hand.

#3. Make The Most Of Online Adverts

Needless to say, the majority of business growth scenarios happen online. There is a very good reason for it: it’s where potential buyers are looking for your products and solutions. The best way to be visible for those looking for you is to maximize your search engine marketing strategy, using qualified adwords management.

If you are new to the world of paid search advertising, it’s not something that you want to start without a decent budget for trial and error. Indeed, Adword management covers not only text ads that appear in the search engine results – Google has changed the display of these ads in 2016, making it more difficult for amateur advertisers to be visible –, but you can also use a Remarketing tool to market your products to previous visitors, a display advertising strategy for images, and a YouTube advertising strategy too to reach your audience.

#4. Get The Viral Buzz

Growth is about addressing your audience in such a way that they are convinced by your messaging. As a result, viral video campaigns are generating exactly the right type of buzz online. They get your brand out there; they reach your target audience; they increase your brand awareness, and they share your brand image and vision.

Videos are a fantastic tool for a viral buzz because they allow people to connect at an emotional level with your brand. Emotional marketing is at the core of successful business stories, from Apple and the trendy geek image to McDonald’s and the friendly sense of togetherness around a meal. At the core of a viral campaign, there the desire to interact emotionally with your audience, as this will place your brand in a favorable position for purchase and advocacy.

#5. Track Everything

Growth hacking is about experimenting until you find the right strategy. As a result, it is also about monitoring your data to identify what the right strategy is. Most businesses don’t utilize all their business data to measure the performance of their strategies.

However, without marketing intelligence, there can be no market breakthrough. If your company is still working with a free tool, such as Google Analytics, without the relevant training – it would be unfair to accuse Google Analytics of not being a helpful tool: When used to compile data from several sources, via the API, within one dashboard, it’s an excellent marketing intelligence tool. But most businesses don’t use this function – it is likely that you are missing out on market correlations and connections.

#6. Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

Growth hacking is not about knowing what to do; it’s about hacking your way to success. In short, it’s about trying something new, measuring the impact, and correcting or changing strategy until you find something that works.

A growth hacker needs to be attention to every little detail, and that includes the user interface too, as it’s not uncommon to lose conversions to a poor interface. Most commonly, businesses forget the little things and focus on the big picture. It is the role of the growth hacker to ensure that every detail is right for the users, from the color of your online background to the kind of voice you are using in your messaging. Every little detail matters.

#7. Keep It Fun

Last, but not least, people like to play. A successful growth hacking strategy is to include gamification as part of your business interactions. Gamification immediately brings an element of fun to the brand. Suddenly you are not an impersonal business, but you become a playful partner.

Simple things, such as creating a reward badge online for loyal customers – something to display on their account profile for example – from creating a digital contest, can effectively create an emotional attachment to the brand and maximize profits.


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