3 Legitimate Side Hustles To Earn Money From Home

If you search ‘earn money from home,’ all kinds of weird and wonderful results come up. Many of these even promise that you’ll earn thousands in a week sounds fantastic, right?! Of course, much of this stuff is completely false, set up by con artists to either steal your details, the money from your bank account or to get you to do something illegal on their behalf.onk 5

The good news is, there are ways to earn money on the side that are completely legitimate, safe and legal. If all goes well, these things could even go on to be your full-time job!

Here are three side hustles that actually earn you money.

Freelance Work

There are lots of great freelancing websites out there these days which allow people to earn money from their skills. Writing, proofreading, design work and art are just a few examples of skills you can utilize by selling online.

There are often lists of jobs in each category which you can ‘bid’ on if you’re accepted you complete the work in a set timeframe for an agreed fee. Over time you will build up a rating and gain feedback which means you’re more likely to get accepted for jobs in the future.

Many of these won’t pay a great deal, but it’s something you can easily dip into in your spare time. As you can control you own workflow it’s a flexible way to earn cash, and can be done around childcare duties, other work or whatever else you have going on in your life.

Set Up a Business

Set up a business in an area that you’re passionate about, and you will enjoy every second of it. You could start from scratch, creating your own website or e-commerce stall. Or you could set up your own virtual stall and sell on an online marketplace such as Etsy or eBay.

If you have a great idea but don’t have the cash to set everything up, you could look into business funders. They will loan you the money for things like equipment, materials, marketing and other expenses that any business needs to get off the ground.

Things might be slow to start off with, allowing you to keep your day job. But eventually, the goal would be to go at it full time and invest your time and energy into this thing you love.

Write a Blog

A blog is a fun way to connect with others, talk about your passions and have your voice heard. It’s a platform where you can be creative and just a fantastic hobby to get into. But as well as being fun, blogging can also be lucrative.

While the money won’t be rolling in right away, work hard on building up a great site with a loyal following and eventually you’ll start securing sponsorship deals. It’s an additional source of income and for many people is their sole source of income since it can pay so well.



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