There Is No Excuse For Ignoring Health And Safety!

hazardous-substancesIf you ask a dozen different business owners what the most important part of any business is, you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. Now, that’s not to say that any, or all, of those answers, are going to be wrong, it’s just an example of the fact that no two business owners are going to have the same kind of priorities.

That can be an extremely positive thing a lot of the time since it helps to create a dynamic and varied space for various businesses to work within. However, the problem with particular people have particular priorities is that certain things end up getting left by the wayside.

One of the most common things that ends up ignored all too often is health and safety. The fact that health and safety is so often ignored is particularly shocking when you think about how important it really is. To help you make sure that you’re not making the same mistakes as so many other business owners, here are some aspects of your health and safety that you should be focussing more heavily on.

Creating a safe environment

Making sure that the work environment that your employees use is safe should always be right at the top of your list of priorities. Whether you’re doing something simple like making sure that an office is laid out in a suitable way so that there are always clear walkways or something more specific like installing mezzanine safety gates in your warehouse. Think carefully about the way a particular space is going to be used, that way you’re much less likely to miss something important.

Providing adequate training

A lot of businesses involve the use of a lot of different pieces of equipment. Because of that, your employees need to be adequately trained so that they don’t end up in any serious danger. This also applies to the more basic training that you should be providing in terms of general health and safety when in an office environment.

Leading by example

You can’t expect your employees to care about health and safety if they can see that you don’t. It’s incredibly important that you take the initiative when it comes to creating a culture of safety within your workplace. Show your employees that you take health and safety seriously and they are much more likely to follow suit.

However, if you’re telling them to follow one rule, only to go and do something else, you’re likely to end up with employees who are frustrated and resentful. When that happens, the chance of them ignoring the correct procedures and putting themselves at risk increased significantly. Practicing what you preach is something that every successful business owner needs to be able to do.

Remember that health and safety isn’t just a matter of ticking boxes. Neglecting it can have serious, long-term consequences. Not only can an accident cause an employee to be out of commission for a long time, harming productivity, but there’s also a chance that you could be liable if you haven’t put the correct health and safety procedures in place.


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