Key Tech Your Law Firm Needs To Know About

law firmTechnology has exploded in the lobbies of every industry imaginable like fireworks at a New Year’s Eve party, and the legal business is no different. Technology has absolutely revolutionized the way law is done, it has changed proceedings and altered methods.

It doesn’t matter whether you work as a lawyer, paralegal, solicitor, secretary or what, technology has evolved in such a way that everyone is able to be more proactive and proficient than ever before.

Contented Courtroom

More and more courtrooms are now using technology in the same way as everyone else, and that is thanks to the all-singing and all-dancing technology that is at their fingertips. First off, the use of presentation software has been introduced to aid the proceedings of a trial and help both sides better present their case. The other major area of advancement has been in remote access to documents as the direct result of e-filing.

Future Of Firms

A lot of businesses have moved toward the concept of paperless operations, but none as fast as Law Firms. E-billing has become a big thing, as has electronic case management through things like SimpleGrid Technology, which has effectively changed the way databases can search, track, archive and even distribute documents.

This means more efficiency and that means more time for billing. These new systems storing and sharing files have brought about a new era of online legal representation and allow firms to save money by moving their operations overseas.

Era Of E-Discovery

This has to be the biggest movement in the world of law. It started in 2006 and it has progressed with the times since then. What e-discovery refers to is the use of any electronic data being sought, searched, located and secured with the sole intent of being used as evidence in any form of legal case, whether civil or criminal.

This means things like voicemail, emails, graphics, instant messages, calendars; any data that is stored on an electronic device is now subject to scrutiny.

Extinction of Libraries

Legal research has finally stepped away from its necessary but archaic methods of searching physical libraries in favor of using technology. Every legal profession now relies on operating database applications that are specific to their area of expertise, while screen sharing software and web conferencing apps have become a part of daily life when completing tasks as a unit.

This has become an area of interest within the field of technology and while advancements are constantly being made, it is Westlaw that remains as the favored tool when it comes to research databases.

Ba-Bye Static Websites

We often overlook websites as being classed as new technology, but this is not the case in the legal field. Nowadays, legal firms are using websites that offer their clients a dedicated portal through which client and firm can interact with one another securely. The big plus about this technological advancement is the round-the-clock service it offers. After all, the better the service the more successful the business.

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