If You Interrupt Someone, Make It Worth It!!!

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of marketing. Organic and interruptive. Organic marketing, like branding your site, using SEO, and creating blog posts is all about building a presence best used to convince consumers who are already paying attention. marketing-means-more

Interruptive marketing, on the other hand, is things like advertisements that attempt to redirect the attention towards your business. They have their own faults and strengths. From the names alone, you might imagine that the faults weigh more heavily on interruptive.

You are taking their attention away from where they want it. In response, they put their guard up, often making it harder for your brand’s message to get through. This is why we’re going to look at how you make sure your consumers end up not minding the interruption that much at all.

Hone your targeting

The best reason to interrupt someone is because you already know that they have an interest in what you have to tell them. This is why the practice of targeted marketing has evolved. Nowadays, big sites like Google and Facebook collect all sorts of browsing data on their users.

With that data, they offer a variety of different means to help you target your consumers.For instance, with Google, you can make use of your location relative to them and combine it with the search terms they use to give prominence to a pay-per-click advert.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s data broker partners keep data on trillions of consumer transactions, fueling a better customer relationship management system than perhaps any other businesses in the world.

With Facebook, a person’s past transactions could be used to link them to your social media advertising. If they’ve shown an interest in products similar to what you offer or in a similar industry, it could be your in. You won’t always get a hit with the people you think most likely to appreciate the interruption but it makes it a lot more likely.

Get back to what you know

Providing that your business model is consumer-friendly enough, the people even more likely to have an interest in what you might interrupt them to offer are those who have already proven that interest by becoming customers. If your business model encourages repeat buys, then you should be thinking about using email mailshot software to start an email newsletter.

But it’s not enough to hope that popping up in their inbox every so often will be enough. Good newsletters bring with them unique value like exclusive deals, bespoke discounts based on customer purchase histories, and other interesting media, such as infographics, videos, or case studies that bear some relevance to what the business offers.

Don’t just make them exclusively full of invitations to buy. Keep them populated with interesting content that will get readers hooked.

Don’t forget the real world

There is an increasing misconception that because it tends to be easier and more cost effective, online marketing is the only way to go. That’s just not true, however. In fact, if all your marketing comes from one source, you are missing the real benefit of a varied marketing strategy.

Not only are you hitting fewer consumers. Your brand isn’t having any subconscious effect. The prevalence of things like billboards, radio advertising, SMS messages, and direct mail can create a permeance to your brand. It offers more visibility, more establishment, and in time a greater trust in the business.

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