Common B2B Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

If you have a product or service targeting other businesses, your marketing plans need to be significantly different to that which you would use in a standard B2C environment. The average business owner or service buyer is a very different individual to the average consumer and will be attracted to different things. b2b

With this in mind, here are some of the biggest mistakes new B2B businesses make when it comes to marketing – and how to fix them.

Unprofessional image

If you want to attract business customers with big budgets, you need to be able to look the part. The corporate world pays a lot of attention to image, and unless you can appeal to that outlook, you might struggle to garner any support in your early days.

How you dress, compose yourself, and even your marketing needs to be targeted at attracting serious people in many cases, especially if you are trying to appeal to ‘stuffy’ industries like accountancy and law firms.

Unprofessional marketing materials

When a big business looks to invest in services and products, there is usually a lot of due diligence involved. And if your marketing materials fail to impress, there is no way you will even get to the stage where your offer is considered. A signage design and print service can help you with everything from creating your logo signs to providing brochures for your products and services that will get your foot in the door, at least.

Untargeted blog posts

Your website blog can be a great way of showing your value and knowledge to your audience. But you need to be careful about what you are blogging about. Let’s say you are trying to sell a cloud-based stock control system to aerospace companies.

If you are seeking to appeal to corporate buyers, you will need your blog to focus more on the problems that managers and aerospace business owners face, rather than just general stock control tips.

Using the wrong language

Writing the copy for your website can be a difficult task. On the one hand, avoiding jargon and business-speak can be a great way of explaining your offer clearly and succinctly. On the other, business people actually like using that type of jargon – it makes them feel like they are knowledgeable in their subject.

So, think carefully about which route you choose, and always test your copy to ensure you are getting the right tone of voice Even a simple tweak here or there could make a huge difference to your results.

No relationship development

If you pitch a business your idea cold, it’s unlikely you will get any response. Corporate people tend to be incredibly business, and often receive hundreds of emails or communications every day – what is going to make yourself stand out? So, focus more on developing a platform that appeals to them in an organic way.

Let them see your expertise and knowledge for themselves, and get then signed up to an email list. Then it’s a case of warming them up slowly over time, and when they are ready to buy, they will be more likely to choose your product or service over the competition.


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