Taking Your Business Through The Roof (Literally)

The office environment is such an important part of the business. It plays a crucial role in how healthily and happily your employees can enjoy working with you. It shapes the culture of the workplace. It can be used as a tool to bring in leads. So, you want to make sure you’re getting the most use out of it. Can you say that’s the case if you’re not using all the building, however? If you have a roof, here are a few reasons you might want to take a closer look up there.office

Safety comes first, as always

It doesn’t matter how you plan on using the roof or even if you have any use for it at all. If you have an access way that leads up there, then you need to make sure it’s a safe place to be first and foremost. For one, heights can be remarkably dangerous on their own. There are plenty of ways to prevent falls, beginning with installing

There are plenty of ways to prevent falls, beginning with installing roof fall protection around any roof edges, overhangs, and sunroofs. Drawing attention to the danger is just as important. Make sure there are safety signs highlighting any risks to keep people on guard.

If there any other accesses like ladders, then make sure they’re visibly marked, as well. Employees need to have total situational awareness so they don’t take a step they may very much regret.

Have a unique break room

Not all offices have the space to fit in a fully kitted break room. You might have enough space to prepare some food and pour a cup of coffee. But having a real space where employees can relax away from the desk is important. For one, it helps them genuinely take a break.

Employees who eat at their desk stay in ‘work mode’, which builds on the stress and pressure they can feel without any relaxation from it. Break rooms are a way of showing that you care about how they feel in their work environment. The roof provides a very unique kind of break room and serves as a perk of working there all on its own.

Creating a venue

If your business is in the habit of courting its clients and leads, then having a unique way to do that can be even more valuable. As with trade shows, being able to stand out when you host your own business events or invite clients over for a conversation keeps you fresh in their memories.

If it’s the spring or summer and the weather is fine, inviting them for a chat on a well-decorated roof can give the pitch or conversation the kind of wow factor that skews their opinions a little more in the direction of a positive light.

Make use of the vista

If you have a great view from the rooftop of your business, then you are only going to get more use and more benefit from it if you take advantage of that view. You can do that by focusing more on the décor on the area itself. For instance, there are few areas you could consider more relaxing than a well-maintained garden.

Rooftop gardens are exactly what some of the top businesses with outdoor access are starting to invest in. Greenroofing doesn’t just create a more pleasant environment, either. It has genuine environmental benefits, as well. If you care about the corporate social responsibility of your business, then greenroofing your office could send a clear message about your values.

Create a healthier environment

Beyond reducing carbon emissions, producing oxygen and changing an urbanized landscape, a well-utilized rooftop also has plenty of health benefits to offer your employees. We’ve already mentioned how a break space away from the desk can be helpful.

But you can’t ignore the fact that many office workers lack the exposure to fresh air they need to stay healthy. Office air quality is something you need to take an interest in, but an alternative area with air as fresh as they can get can be very beneficial to them indeed.

If you go ahead with the idea of a rooftop garden, then you get the relaxing benefits of being surrounded by plant life as well. Even encouraging employees to take the climb up to the rooftop means they’re getting more active in their workday.

Not all businesses in all locations are going to have much use for the roof of the business. But it has a lot of unique appeal and utility for those who can. If you need a break room, a venue, or just some healthy space, consider moving up.

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