3 Secrets Of The Self-Employed

tips-working-from-homeBeing self-employed is great, and the main reason that people take the plunge is because they want to be there own boss. You usually get to decide your own hours and the types of jobs you take on. The downside to being self-employed is that you are wholly responsible for your income.

You have to sort out your own tax, market yourself and your company, and buy all your own supplies and products. Here are some secrets to making self-employed life that little bit easier.

Set Yourself Up For Success

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it could be writing, beauty, or even construction, you’ll need materials no matter what. Set yourself up for success by buying high-quality tools to make your job easier. Invest big here and you’ll reap the rewards further down the line.

If you work freelance as a writer having a good laptop is key. You’ll be using it all day and it holds the key to your success. If you can’t get in touch with your clients and editors, or can’t get the work done efficiently and within a deadline, you won’t succeed. Make sure your tech is up to date.

If you work in the beauty industry and provide treatments you also need good quality equipment. Customers aren’t going to use your services again if you use sub-standard products. Stock up on high-quality makeup brands if you’re a makeup artist and a good set of brushes and sponges.

If you’re in the construction business and are self-employed you’ll need all of your own tools. No doubt you’ll have quite the collection from doing freelance jobs over the years. However, you should be constantly updating your supplies.

This is particularly important if you do a hazardous job like welding. These kinds of jobs require specialist equipment which you can find online, http://www.weldingoutfitter.com/collections/welding-helmet-sales. Be sure to keep yours regularly updated to avoid injury.

Manage Your Time

Part of the reason you went self-employed was probably so that you had more free-time. Don’t let your work start to seep into your home life. This is easily done. When you control how much money you make it can be easy to always take an extra job, or continue working late.

This will upset your work-life balance and take away from the benefits of being self-employed. Yes, you should give your business your all, but only within business hours. Clock off at a certain point and stick to it. That includes answering emails and text messages!

Creativity Is King

Be creative with the services or products you are selling. You are your own boss and you’re competing with lots of different people. Be creative and take risks. The great thing about being self-employed is that you only have yourself to answer too, so take the plunge.

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