4 Ways of Tackling Employees With Sticky Fingers

No one likes to address the issue because it isn’t very nice, but it does happen and it needs to stop. Employees do steal, and it’s a fact. It’s important to note that most employees are trustworthy and honest, and it’s the few that ruin it for the many.

However, regardless of their size, they are a problem. Not only do they not respect you or the business, but they also inhibit a firm’s success. How can a business possibly grow if their employees are taking liberties?

Hopefully, you never have to experience it because it is sad. For those of you that do, here’s how to make it stop.

Install Cameras

You want to trust your workforce, but there is only so much you can take. If no one is willing to come forward and admit their discretions, it is time to put them on tape. Cameras work in two ways.


First, there are the conspicuous cams which ensure people know monitoring is taking place. Then, there are the small hidden cams that no one knows exists.

If you want to catch someone in the act, these are perfect because they aren’t easy to spot.

Whatever you need regarding spyware, you can find it at Spy Centre or any decent electronic store. All you have to do then is install it and watch it back to locate the thief.

Check The Register

Cash registers are not hard to fool, especially when the person in question has experience. To make the register add up, they simply have to avoid the transaction and pocket the cash. They walk away with the money while the business suffers.

The good news is it is easy to spot if you are on the ball. If you think an employee is stealing, check their register for void transactions. Usually, this is a good sign they are the culprit, but you will also need video evidence to be sure.

Biometric Time Clocks

Businesses might think one theft is bigger than another, but they’d be wrong. The truth is that all theft is the same because you lose out no matter how small it might seem. Take clocking in and out as an example.


Close friends might clock in for other workers so they aren’t late. The average person won’t see anything wrong with this, yet the truth is it is fraud. You are paying them for an amount of time they didn’t spend at work, and they are deliberately deceiving in the process. A biometric time clock will ensure no one tries to steal time and money again.

Password Protection

Physical theft isn’t as popular nowadays as everything revolves around the internet. The most valuable assets are on the server, so electronic theft is a huge deal. Thankfully, it is easy to stop.

To do so, you have to control the number of people that can access the server. A strong and ever-changing password prevents a lot of internal cyber theft as only those with the password have access to sensitive data.

When the signs start to show, you have to act for the sake of your company.

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