4 Tips For Better Branding


Good branding is a subject that comes up a lot in business blogs, but a lot of small business owners remain confused about what it actually means. Far past a flashy logo and a memorable slogan, your brand is the summary of how customers perceive your products, your degree of customer service, and the values your business stands for. Here are some of the most important ways a strong brand can help your business…

Better Recognition

Though it’s not the whole story, your logo is a big component in your company’s brand. Think about how quickly you recognise the calligraphic name of Coca-Cola, or the UPS shield. As the universal symbol of a brand, the design of a logo is very important, as it will appear on every little piece of advertising and correspondence. A well-designed logo, or even a distinct colour scheme, can be enough to make your brand instantly recognisable with just a little exposure to your target market. Although it may not be measurable or tangible, this degree of recognition can have a massive positive impact on your future branding.

A Higher Degree of Trust

By honing your professional appearance, you’ll be able to build a lot more credibility and trust with whatever market you’re targeting. Everyone is much more likely to buy from a company that seems to be more polished and legitimate, even if they’ve been in business for far shorter than more tacky, thrown-together brands. The trust a company establishes with good branding is so valuable that there are even companies like Ten Intelligence that have whole services for investigating counterfeiters. Your customer’s emotional prompts are very real influencers, so make sure you’re not neglecting them with bad branding!

Stronger Advertising

Advertising is another major factor which will dictate the strength of your brand, influenced by both the demographic you’re targeting with your marketing and the format of the ads. If you make your focus too narrow, your company will stand a serious risk of being boxed in, and losing its ability to spread its wings and explore new markets. If the focus is too broad, on the other hand, it will be much harder to establish a clear impression of the company in the minds of prospective customers.

Rally your Employees

The majority of employees want more than just a job – they want something that they can work towards. When you go out of your way to broadcast the company mission – its reason for existing in the first place, your employees are much more likely to take pride in working for the company, work towards the same goals, and achieve the milestones that you and the higher-ups have set. By establishing a stronger brand, you’ll turn everything your company is into a flag which you can use to rally your employees around. Again, this isn’t the most tangible or measurable benefit which you can go after. However, there’s a massive range of benefits in making your employees more proud of the company they work for.


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