Tips on How to Keep Your Office Mentally Stimulating


Don’t settle for a dreary office. Stimulating surroundings are more likely to stimulate ideas. Here are a few ways to redecorate and reorganise your office to make it more stimulating for you and your staff.


Opt for open plan

Office cubicles can have their benefits. If the work requires intense concentration or complete privacy, you’re probably better off not having the distraction of others. However, if staff need to communicate quickly with one another and the work is more creative and free-flowing, an open plan office will have a much more positive effect, encourage people to talk with their colleagues more often. Freelancers may even find they benefit from a shared office, as the social interaction may help fuel ideas.

Keep things clean and clutter-free

A clean and clutter-free office leads to a clean and clutter-free mind. Most companies will outsource a contract cleaning service to guarantee that the office is always free of dirt and dust. When it comes to organising clutter, having a system in place for organising files and storing objects is useful. Stock cupboards will occasionally still get messy and computer server filing systems can go awry, so ensure that once a month time is spent reorganising these areas of clutter.

Encourage creativity with colour use

Green and yellow are thought to be great colours for boosting creativity. By painting over uninspiring white walls with one of these shades, you could help stimulate you and your employee’s creative juices. Blue meanwhile is thought to be great for stimulating productivity in mentally focused jobs, whilst red is great for encouraging physical work.

Plant ideas

Office plants don’t just look pretty, they’re scientifically proven to boost productivity. Their purifying qualities can help keep the air clearer and help ward off diseases. They’re also a fresh source of oxygen, which helps to stimulate the brain and increase concentration. For offices with little ventilation, a few plants could help air the place out. Make sure that there is enough light however and that someone keeps on top of watering them.

Encourage deskercise

Sitting at a desk all day can take its toll on the body. There are many ways that you can encourage yourself to keep active – one being to swap out your chair for an exercise ball.

You could also replace your standard office desk with a raised one that requires you to be stood up when you work. Sloped desks or wall mounted monitors meanwhile can allow you to stay sat whilst improving posture.

You can also change the layout of your office to keep you more active. Whilst having your phone, files and everything you need on your desk may be more convenient, placing certain objects on the other side of the room might encourage you to be more mobile.

You should certainly try to avoid spending all day chained to your desk – at lunch, don’t eat at your workstation but make an effort to go out of the office. You’ll feel much better for it.

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