Green Business: Making Green From Building Green



Starting a business is a challenge in itself, but starting out with corporate responsibilities on your mind can be even harder. That doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it because, well, what could be more rewarding than launching a startup that, at its very core, is concerned about the environment? Making green while going green; it’s cheesy but it is more doable than ever before, and that is because trends in consumer behaviour have shifted.

People are looking for more environmentally-friendly alternatives to a wide range of products and services, which is one of the reasons entrepreneurs are looking to go green. They have seen an opportunity to do something worthwhile and make it a financial success story.

One of the most popular areas is eco-friendly construction, which has seen sustainable energy become a big factor in the final product. But is it possible to launch a business that makes the process of construction greener? The answer is yes.


One of the big areas in which your construction company can become greener instantly is in the way it recycles. The bottom line is, the less that goes into landfills the better, and the construction industry is no exception to that rule. As such, the first step you should take is to invest in front lift bins for business waste management, this way you will make the whole recycling process smoother, more efficient and less wasteful.

It may not seem like a big deal, but a waste truck uses a lot of energy, so making it easier for them to collect and go will reduce the effects on the earth. The next thing you can do is update the rules on each of your sites that state the importance of separating materials into different skips. This has already begun to change with plasterboard having to be separated, but the more proactive you are the more green you will be.


One of the big trends that we hope will become mainstream in the next decade is the use of recycled materials, and there are already certain suppliers that are selling eco-friendly products to the infrastructure industry, companies like Axiom. Instead of peddling the traditional materials of steel and concrete, they are supplying companies with recycled plastic. But that is just a niche area.

In Colombia, there is an architect that has found a way to build entire houses out of blocks and bricks that are made up with a wide-range of recycled plastics. In the UK, hempcrete is now being developed to meet industry standards, while others are using cardboard to construct houses, once more pushing the boundaries of what is doable.


Forecasts have predicted that electric vehicles used in construction, mining, and agriculture will be worth about $80billion, which means the big manufacturers have realized the need to develop in this area.

As such, you should look at exploring this market too because there are a lot of hybrid and all-electric tools and vehicles already out there, all of which will help make your construction business be far greener than your competition, and that can be a real selling point for developers.

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