The Perks That Will Snag You The Best Team

gift-packageWhen you want to get the best people on your side and you want to create a happier, more motivated workforce, you have to give a little more. Creating the best employer and employee relationship isn’t just about paying them for their services. It’s about hitting their needs with the perks that can really transform a role into something worth coveting.


Offering more freedom

Far too many people are pegged in by their jobs. They have no say over when, where, or how they work. By being able to offer more freedom, you give a sense of autonomy that allows employees to find their most comfortable and productive circumstances. It can be as simple as offering a diversity of spaces in the office to help them better settle into their role. It might involve allowing some remote working. Even offering flexible schedules is a lot easier with the right management software.

Taking health seriously

As one’s job takes up a lot of time, it makes it harder to balance other parts of life. Their health and fitness needs are just one of those parts. Many businesses offer health assessments that help people access sound advice without any cost themselves. Others offer counseling to take care of their mental health. Some will even offer therapeutic services like spa visits to just let employees relax.

All about the green

Let’s make no mistake, the shiniest of all perks to offer are those that involve some money. But there are a lot of different ways you can implement it based on the needs of the business and the employee. Using the best 401k plans for small businesses shows a long-term commitment if you want long-term employees. Incentivizing success with bonuses is great for seeing people excel. If you want them really invested in the company, you can even offer profit sharing setups.

Morale and unity

Feeling a fit with the company culture and the team is important as well. Even seemingly simple perks like a ping-pong table in the break room or a bi-weekly meetup for drinks and a meal can have a tremendous effect in making people feel at home in their work. You can go even further with big annual business trip/strategic meetings/get-togethers, which is particularly useful if you run more than one location or have remote workers that could use the opportunity to meet colleagues they’ve been emailing and web meeting.

Education, education, education

Everyone wants to invest in themselves. They want new qualifications, new skills, and new experiences. Getting on the front line and helping them access education in your time is a great way to show that you are dedicated to the future of your employees.

The perks you offer are going to depend on the kind of business you want to run, but it’s never a good idea to just not consider them. Offering perks doesn’t just add a little extra to the job offer. It shows an employer that cares about the wants and needs of the individuals, not just the whole.

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