Why Marketing Means More

If you are a marketing professional, then there will be times where you will be asked to go above and beyond the criteria of your role or job specifications. These could include different aspects such as meeting clients instead of your superior or boss (they may feel you are more suited to meet the client if they, too, work in the marketing industry), assisting in the development of technology or social media within the business, and also could envelop you in putting on, running, and hosting events, conferences and seminars.



A marketing professional should be aware that their role can consist of much more than just their job description. A person who works in marketing, however, should be more than able to handle anything thrown at them (not literally, of course) in the workplace.

Marketing comprises of a lot more individualistic skills than a lot of jobs in the same sector. Marketing is a job for the organized, and for people who have experience in running and managing different and varying aspects of a business.

For example, of a marketing professional was asked to run an event for a company, they would know what Venue Booking Software to access and which software would help them the most.

Of course, a job role always differs within each and every company. Some employees who work in marketing for a big company will, more than likely, be employed to do just that – market the company.

Their skills could lie in many areas – promotion, social media, advertising, design, sales – but, at the end of the day, they have been hired by a big company on the basis of their past record, experience, and ability to turn their working hours into money for the company in the form of customers, sales and investments.

If a marketer works for a smaller company or a start-up business, then the chances are that they will be asked to go above and beyond their job description – but it will all be relevant assets to add to a CV.

This isn’t taking anything away from working for a small business, but with fewer employees working at a business, it is common for everybody – from the boss to the IT department to the receptionist to the administrators – to all amalgamate and work together to achieve an outcome. However, the job role will always be marketing and that is where skills and creativity and nous will come in use.

More companies are seeing the benefits of adding marketing professionals to their workforce, and it is not hard to see why. Most marketers have gone through years of education, and training. Some have taken the profession up and worked really hard to achieve their goal through volunteering, low paid roles and getting to know people in the business.

If you take a look at all the freelance marketers out there, you have plenty of choices. But it is essential that you make the right choice, and employ that person who can make a difference to your business.

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