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Opinion Piece: Working From Home as an Entrepreneur

For anyone who has had a bad boss or a co-worker that made their job miserable, starting a home-based business sounds amazing. There is no one to scream at you, and you can work the hours that you want to. But running a business of any kind requires a lot of responsibility. So before you quit your day-job, there are some things you ought to know. If you can master these elements, then the world of working from home can be very lucrative and rewarding indeed.entreprenuer

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 You Must be Disciplined

Even though working from home provides a more relaxed environment, it still requires working a set amount of hours a day. This isn’t always easy when there are lots of distractions from children and friends who want to talk. As many writers of past would have testified and still do in fact, people see working at home as an invitation to chat, phone, and visit.

In his novel, “A Man in Love,” Karl Ove Knausgaard speaks about how difficult it is for him to work and even when he tries to get some alone time for writing, his girlfriend sees it as an open invitation to come visit. So anyone who wants to have their own business has to make a determined effort to be able to multi-task work with conversations, cooking, and household tasks. Otherwise, they will get behind in everything.

The Business Won’t be Profitable Right Away

It takes time to build up a business and attracts customers. And no business can predict how long it will take them to turn a profit. Therefore, it is essential for a potential entrepreneur to have a good amount of savings in the bank before they start things up. If there isn’t enough money saved, that doesn’t mean that someone can’t begin setting up their business, though. Many people continue to work at their regular job and do their business tasks

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 The key bonus of setting up a business venture from home is overheads. Firstly, there are a lot less of them. For example, Amazon has thrived because it is not weighed down by the cost of bricks and mortar stores. Furthermore, in many cases, your home expenditure in terms of rent/mortgages, equipment purchases, and utility bills can be deducted in full or in part from your income before tax.

Businesses Require Lots of Time

Most home-based businesses start out with just one person doing everything because there isn’t enough money coming in to support a staff. There will be phone calls to make, products to put together, and bookkeeping tasks to do each day.

Sometimes, new entrepreneurs must work long into the night to do it all. But this shouldn’t deter anyone from giving it a chance. When a business is your very own, the work doesn’t seem so boring and difficult because you are doing what you love each day.

Many successful businesses have been started out in someone’s home, and they ended up making millions of dollars later on. So if being an entrepreneur is your dream, don’t give up on it. Just be sure to have a business plan set up ahead of time. That way, you will have a clear direction where your business is going and how you are going to get there. It should have your financial goals, product ideas, and marketing plans in it. If you aren’t sure how to create a business plan, consult a financial advisor for a little help.

That way, you will have a clear direction where your business is going and how you are going to get there. It should have your financial goals, product ideas, and marketing plans in it. If you aren’t sure how to create a business plan, consult a financial advisor for a little

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 The Power of Modern Communication

Some people feel that groups and teams work less well when separated than when they are together. However, there is a lot to say for not having an office-based company. Not just on overhead savings and equipment savings, but on the flexibility of who you hire and what for.

There is a massive gig economy out there providing PA services, PR, SEO, writing, delivery, manufacturing, drawing and graphic design, answering services and so on. This combines with communication software ranging from Skype to Slack, which allows environments for 1-on-1 or team communications, assigning of tasks, feedback, and discussions for the future of the business.

In addition, cloud computing allows for real-time sharing of files, photographs, and data, allowing a new business to be more responsive to on the ground actions.


Written by Jenny Holt – A freelance Writer and a Work-From-Home Mum!!


3 Forms Of Real Estate You Should Consider Investing In




Real estate is the way to go for aspiring investors. It’s one of the safest investments you can make, and as long as you take care of your investment, you can make significant returns. You can use your real estate for many purposes and often use it as a stable source of income.

When most people think real estate, they think of houses. But there are different types of real estate you can invest in- residential, commercial, and land. What’s more, these various forms of property can also be split into sub-types. The type you should invest in depends on the purpose of your investment. You can also put money into multiple types to expand your portfolio. Here are the forms of real estate investment to consider.

Residential Properties

Residential real estate is the most common type of investment people make. It often starts by buying a home. Over time, your house can become more valuable and make you more money when you sell it.

Residential properties come in many different forms. You could invest in a single-family detached home, a duplex, a townhouse or even an apartment. Usually, family homes make the best investments. No matter what kind of property you’re looking for, it’s worth investing in a valuable area. Look for real estate listings in desirable locations- property prices can rise a lot in these kinds of areas.

Your home isn’t the only residential property investment you can make. In fact, many people buy multiple properties with the intention of renting them out or selling them at a profit. Make sure you make smart investments and look for tips on surviving in the property market.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are buildings and units used for business purposes. That includes stores, restaurants, offices, and other company buildings. A common subtype is industrial properties. These are large buildings used in sectors such as warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing.

Investing in a commercial real estate is useful for anyone looking to start a business. The location is often the most important factor here. Retail stores can benefit from being in popular shopping areas or tourist spots where many people pass by. Warehouses and factories often have large properties on industrial parks.

Starting a business isn’t the only reason you might want to invest in commercial real estate. You could also buy a commercial property with the intention of renting it out. Businesses often move premises, so offering yearly rents can be helpful. You could also use a large building for creating office units and get many renters.

Plots Of Land

Instead of investing in a building, some people simply invest in land. It can be a practical investment, as it doesn’t require any extra costs and there aren’t many maintenance concerns.

You can use land in many ways. Open fields make prime locations for building a farm. You can also use plots of land for building outdoor businesses like camp sites or adventure parks.

You can also buy vacant land in urban areas. You can build any kind of property you want on the land you own. You can also use it for creating car parks or garages for people to rent.

Warehouse Watch: How To Keep Your Employees And Inventory Safe



In the business world, there are two different types of businesspersons. In the first category, there are visionaries. These are the people who have six great ideas before breakfast and the determination to make them happen.

The second type is the detail-oriented entrepreneur. They may not be the greatest innovator – but when they have an idea, they are all over making it come true.

Not a lot of credit is given to the second group. While they may not be innovators, they are the ones who make sure great ideas can become a reality. All the ideas in the world won’t keep a business going if the books are a mess and the premises in chaos.

This is particularly important if you’re in the business of selling products. If you sell physical items, then you need to be on top of your inventory at all times. You’ll need a warehouse, most likely. And that warehouse will require careful maintenance.

Know Who Is In The Warehouse At All Times

Any warehouse for a thriving business will, at any given time, contain a lot of items with a total cash value of thousands, even millions of dollars. This raises the possibility of theft. From a cursory glance, it’d be hard to tell if anything was missing. So there needs to be one entrance and exit. There must be nominated key holders and security personnel manning the warehouse during opening hours.

This isn’t just important for reasons of property protection; it also matters from a safety standpoint. In any store, there is the risk of accidents and fire. Knowing who is in there is essential in case of emergencies.

Ensure The Correct Training For All Personnel

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Anyone who will spend time in the warehouse also needs to be correctly trained. Large items may need to be moved around. As well as ensuring that your forklift hire comes from a reliable partner, you need to make sure the people who will be using the forklift are trained. Incorrect use of forklift machinery can lead to serious, even fatal accidents. On a lower scale of importance, it can result in the loss of high-value items.

Keep The Warehouse Clean And Tidy

If you are someone who orders a lot of items from outside suppliers, you’ll know which providers keep clean, orderly premises. You’ll rarely order again from a company that delivers dirty or damaged items. In the same vein, your warehouse needs to be kept clean.

A “no food” rule may need to be enforced. The reason for this is that food waste attracts pests and, in a building of that size, there are plenty of places for them to hide. Damage done to your products can lose you money. It’s essential that you do everything in your power to prevent that.

Keeping on top of the necessary details in your business may seem like the least exciting part of being an entrepreneur. In many ways, the fact that it isn’t exciting is what makes it more valuable. So if you’re not the kind of person who can focus a great deal on behind-the-scenes details, make sure you have a second in command who can.

7 Top Tips That you Need to Know to Maximize Profit in Your Land Investment Property



A lot of people know that property can be an amazing investment. It fact, it’s probably the first thing that people think about when you bring up investments! But what about land? We usually imagine property as a building in an urban area. We usually don’t even imagine ourselves owning anything on the outside at all!

But the ownership of land instead of or in addition to a building can bring you some amazing opportunities. You do, of course, have to be very careful with how you go about it. Here’s a quick guide to getting land and getting it ready to generate profit.

Avoiding debt could be vital

Afew decades ago, land was the most lucrative investment of them all. A lot of people owned land, mostly for agricultural reasons. But there were a lot of chances for failure. That’s because the safety of land was often at risk. Things like plague, drought, pestilence, bugs, fires were often ruinous to landowners. Nature didn’t seem to have their best interest at heart!

But these days, it’s not any of those things that make up the most common cause of land failure. The most common cause of an agricultural business failing is debt. If you can get into land ownership without going into debt, that’s best. Most people will have to borrow money, however. So some debt will probably be necessary. In general, avoid debt as much as you can.

Will you have enough time?

A lot of people think that land is pretty low maintenance. Sure, they know that it’s a big natural resource. They know that some care has to be taken. But, in general, people think it’s easy enough to just leave it for long periods. That land is less of a chore to own than a house.

But land of any type often requires more management tasks than people think. So you need to assess what you’re planning to do with the land and ensure you’ll actually have enough time! This may not be something you can just pursue on the side while you work another job.

The uses of your land

If we want to talk about this very broadly, there are three main uses one might make of land. They fall into the categories of operational, recreational, and boutique. This is especially true if you’re looking to buy a ranch. The operational use will include the vast majority of agricultural use. You’ll need the resources to house workers and animals.

Recreational will see you invite guests to your land as part of your business model. In this way, many may list the business as a resort. So you would have to consider lodgings and recreational activities. Boutique ranching is less its own category and more of a combination of the two!

Considering useful markets

So how far away from amenities or markets is the land you’re eyeing up? This is extremely important to consider. It’s going to determine several things. If you’re looking to live on the land, then you need to know how easy it will be to get your everyday resources. If you’re looking to build a business on the land, you need to know if there are useful markets nearby.

A farm or a ranch will need good distribution channels. And if you’re miles away from the nearest sales opportunity, then you may find yourself putting in a lot of time, energy, and money into even the most basic business operation.

Working with the right agent or broker

Buying land isn’t easy. This is probably something you could have guessed for yourself. But some people, again, may assume that the process is somehow easier than that of buying other types of property. (For example, a home or an urban commercial property.) But there’s so much involved in the process of buying land. Most people really don’t understand the quality metrics completely.

This is why it’s important that you seek help when it comes to acquiring land. Just like someone buying other types of property will need a real estate agent or broker, you will need a similar service. Who you work with may well depend on what you want to do with the property. If you’re looking to buy any kind of ranch, for example, you may want to work with a company like Ranch Marketing Associates. This can help you ensure you get the right land type and location for what it is you’re looking to do.

The infrastructure

You need to consider what facilities with land actually comes with. If you’re just buying completely bare land, this may not apply so much to you! Still, a geological inspection may still be useful. Knowing what sort of things you need to look out for when buying bare land is essential. After all, you’re going to need to know how to get water and electricity to the land for whatever it is you want to build. As for other types of land, you need to consider things more from an infrastructural point of view.

What sort of equipment actually comes with the land? Are there any irrigation systems? Are you looking to have several fenced areas or have land focussed more on outbuildings? The geological factors may cause problems either way. Make sure everything is properly inspected.

Generating a passive income

There are loads of things you could do with raw land that can generate you an income. If you make the land suitable for camping, then you could build a nice public camping site that people can pay to use. You’ll have to make sure it meets state regulations for camping sites, of course!

You could also look into building a property that could be used as a vacation home. This will allow you to rent the home out to any vacationers who love the land. You could even rent the land out to someone who wants to own a ranch, if you’re not going to take one on yourself!

Are You Starting A Home Business? 4 Pieces Of Advice You Need

When you are just starting out, it can be impossible to afford to rent out a location. Although your own office space would be ideal, it’s often too costly to consider. Therefore, a lot of people start their business from the comfort of their home. However, there are some things you need to know about working from home. Therefore, here are four pieces of advice you will need when starting up at home.


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Be wary about giving out your home address

When you decide to work from home, it means your address will now be your work address. However, when it comes to clients, you don’t want to give your home address out. After all, it won’t be good if they turn up and one of the kids answer your doors. And if your client’s details get hacked, you could potentially experience a break-in.

Therefore, don’t put your home address online; stick to your phone number and email address instead. And remember to get a separate house phone so that you know when it’s someone calling n about the business. That way, you can put your professional tone on and head somewhere quiet to talk to the client.

Find somewhere quiet to do the work

The worst thing you can do is work from home in a room which is used by the whole family. For one thing, it will make it hard for you to get on with the work. You might be interrupted every five minutes.

Therefore, you need to find somewhere quiet to do the work. You might want to switch one of your spare bedrooms into an office. Or you could look into getting an outbuilding to make as your office. For example, a log cabin would be perfect. And you can get everything you need to ensure it withstands all weather on

You could also look into converting the garage as somewhere quiet where you can do your work! And as it says on, close the door, so that you won’t be disturbed while working.

Make sure you are organized

It’s easy for work to get misplaced if you work from home. But it’s so important to stay organized so that you have everything you need for your business in a safe place. It will make it much easier when it’s time to do your tax returns.

Therefore, ensure you have plenty of storage units where all the paperwork can live. And ensure you put everything away at the end of the day so that you don’t lose anything!

Make it official

You should also ensure you tell the authorities about working from home. There might be some paperwork you will need to fill out which will ensure you can legally work from home. Also, you might be able to claim for the services you use in your home. And remember to get insurance for your home business. That way, if something happens and you lose your equipment, you can get it replaced quickly.

Remember to ensure you have breaks if you work from home. It will help you to stay healthy while you are working in your humble abode. As we said before, a few minutes away from the screen can give you fresh ideas!

Essential Questions To Ask Before You Launch Your Business

business-launchMany of us dream of being our own boss. There are many advantages that come with being an entrepreneur. However, there are risks involved.

Running a company isn’t easy. It requires hard work, determination, and business acumen. Many people start up their own business, but few achieve success.

If you’re preparing to launch, here are some questions to ask first.


Who is the target market?

There’s no point in trying to sell a product or service if you’ve got no idea who is going to buy it. To make a business work, you need to make money, and this means that you need clients. Before you take anything to market, make sure you’ve taken your target market into consideration. This should be a vital element of planning everything from the price points, branding to the packaging design. If you’ve got a good idea of who you’re aiming to target, you should also be able to produce a much more effective marketing campaign.

Is the product tried and tested?

No product should go to the market without rigorous testing. The last thing you want is to generate a load of orders only to receive a host of complaints. You won’t make money if you’re offering refunds all the time. It’s also essential to test out your product range before you pitch to buyers and investors. Make sure you’re familiar with how they work and what they do. There’s nothing worse than digging up a product only to freeze on stage when you try and show it off.

Are you prepared for the day to day running of the business?

Setting up a business isn’t just about designing an amazing product and attending launch events. You also need to take care of the day to day running. Have you got staff rotas and payrolls sorted? Are your business premises insured and secured? Have you got software in place to keep track of your accounts?

Of course, the tasks you take on will vary according to the nature of the business. Often, in this day and age, you can use innovative software to manage systems for you. Before you employ software programs, look into test case management tools. Test case programs enable you to run software tests to detect bugs and ensure that they tools are relevant to your company.

Do you have facts and figures on hand?

Success in business comes down to numbers. Before you launch any type of business, you need to be familiar with the facts and figures. This is not just important when it comes to trying to get investors on board. It’s also essential that you know how to make this business work. How many units do you need to sell per year at what price? If you have a good grasp of the figures, this will stand you in good stead.

Bottom line;

Being an entrepreneur is a dream for many people. If you’re working on a new business idea, make sure you can answer the essential questions before you take the plunge. If you can’t, take your time to find solutions. It’s best to get sorted beforehand than to rush in and fall at the first few hurdles.

Employee Health And Safety: Inside And Out

When we work to keep our staff safe, it doesn’t just include the preventing of workplace fires or making sure that the wires are cabled together, there is the aspect of preventing illness in the workplace. In the UK alone, staff illness costs businesses £32 million a year.

While electrical testing and tagging is an essential component of keeping the business running smoothly and safely, what can we do to keep our staff in the best shape and our working environment as safe as possible?



A healthy employee is a happy employee. Having the office comfortable can consist of the basics like:

  • Adequate ventilation.
  • A comfortable temperature to work in.
  • Lighting that is suitable for the work being done.
  • Making sure that there is enough space for your staff to move around, as well as suitable workstations and seating.
  • Having a clean workplace with waste containers, such as recycling bins.

While the office environment is one factor to keep in mind for healthy and safe employees, the topic of mental health is something that is being discussed more. While in some places it can still be considered a bit of a taboo, but you can overcome this with your employees by having what is called an “open door policy.”

If you are more receptive to their needs they are more inclined to open up and tell you what they are going through. If you sense that a member of staff is going through a difficult time, here are some steps to take:

Choose An Appropriate Place To Talk

Pick a quiet spot where the person feels comfortable.

Encourage Conversation

People in this situation may feel like they are unable to open up properly. If you ask open questions to start a dialogue and be patient, this will go in the right direction.

Reassure That This Is Confidential

For their peace of mind, and for the business, you need to make sure that whatever they say is confidential. The information they may give could be very sensitive. If you need to address issues with another person present, then you need to ask what information they are happy to have shared.


Be open, and respond accordingly. This person is confiding in you, so be respectful of that.

Make The Appropriate Adjustments

As you are needing to run a business, but you need to be sensitive to your employee’s needs, it is best to ask what you can do for them to identify their needs and so you can make the right adjustments or reduce workplace triggers.