Employee Health And Safety: Inside And Out

When we work to keep our staff safe, it doesn’t just include the preventing of workplace fires or making sure that the wires are cabled together, there is the aspect of preventing illness in the workplace. In the UK alone, staff illness costs businesses £32 million a year.

While electrical testing and tagging is an essential component of keeping the business running smoothly and safely, what can we do to keep our staff in the best shape and our working environment as safe as possible?



A healthy employee is a happy employee. Having the office comfortable can consist of the basics like:

  • Adequate ventilation.
  • A comfortable temperature to work in.
  • Lighting that is suitable for the work being done.
  • Making sure that there is enough space for your staff to move around, as well as suitable workstations and seating.
  • Having a clean workplace with waste containers, such as recycling bins.

While the office environment is one factor to keep in mind for healthy and safe employees, the topic of mental health is something that is being discussed more. While in some places it can still be considered a bit of a taboo, but you can overcome this with your employees by having what is called an “open door policy.”

If you are more receptive to their needs they are more inclined to open up and tell you what they are going through. If you sense that a member of staff is going through a difficult time, here are some steps to take:

Choose An Appropriate Place To Talk

Pick a quiet spot where the person feels comfortable.

Encourage Conversation

People in this situation may feel like they are unable to open up properly. If you ask open questions to start a dialogue and be patient, this will go in the right direction.

Reassure That This Is Confidential

For their peace of mind, and for the business, you need to make sure that whatever they say is confidential. The information they may give could be very sensitive. If you need to address issues with another person present, then you need to ask what information they are happy to have shared.


Be open, and respond accordingly. This person is confiding in you, so be respectful of that.

Make The Appropriate Adjustments

As you are needing to run a business, but you need to be sensitive to your employee’s needs, it is best to ask what you can do for them to identify their needs and so you can make the right adjustments or reduce workplace triggers.

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