7 Top Tips For Buying Property

top tips.jpgBuying property can be a daunting task. There are many legal loopholes to avoid and you need to be sure the house is right for you before committing. Here are some simple tips to follow to make sure you don’t leave anything to chance and get exactly what you want.


Take your time. Do not rush, finding the perfect property can take time, make sure you allow a good few months to look around and feel comfortable with the market. Making that leap is a big commitment and if you jump at the first house you like then the perfect one which was three viewings down the line could go to someone else. Be patient and view widely.

If you can’t find a perfect property then why not consider building your own. This way you can get exactly the right amount of land and the house of your dreams built entirely to your specifications. The best thing is there are some great companies out there who offer some brilliant home and land packages.

Agree your mortgage first. There’s no point going out and about looking for the perfect home, finding it, and then learning you can’t get an appropriate mortgage to match it. It might even be worth speaking to an independent mortgage advisor first, this way you can get your questions out of the way and put to bed any niggling worries.

Ensure you negotiate the cost of all legal work upfront. This means you know exactly what you’re paying and the estate agent cannot surprise you with fees further down the line. It pays to shop around for a firm which offers an upfront payment. It’s also logical to do your research and each firm respectively, this means reading reviews and asking others to get first-hand experience, there are some horror stories out there.

Make sure you give enough time to thinking about your offer price. Remember, research is the key. Check on how much money similar properties have sold for in your area and plan accordingly. Sites like zoopla.co.uk can help with this.

Check the area is suitable. You might have found the perfect house but is it in the right area. Is it close to vital transport links? how far is your daily commute? Are there nearby amenities? What are the local schools like? These are all questions you need to decide on before putting an offer in. Your agent can help you with this but it pays to do your own research. Remember, the agent wants you to buy a home. You need to check certain things yourself.

Remember, from the date you exchange contracts you’re legally responsible for the building. Cover yourself and get home and contents insurance, you never know what could happen and it’s best to be covered just in case.

Buying a home can be a joyful and exciting task, but it pays to follow these simple steps just to be sure you aren’t missing anything vital along the way.

3 thoughts on “7 Top Tips For Buying Property

  1. I appreciate the tips when buying property. I agree that learning to take your time and be patient is one of the biggest things to remember when buying property, it is easy to make an emotional decision quickly but sometimes that isn’t the right decision. My brother is looking at buying a pub, I will be sure to share these tips with him.


  2. Thank You Ben.
    Yes, many people rush to buy property without doing proper research and they end up making lifetime mistakes. Conducting due diligence helps the buyer to make the right decision that is worth investing in.


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