Want to Run the Greatest Hotel Ever? Get More Guests Today

dubaiStarting a hotel business is certainly one of the most interesting and complex endeavors out there.

The competition is fierce, after all. Here’s how to rise above them and draw more guests to your hotel!

Quality marketing

This is basically “Get More Customers 101”. In fact, it’s such a basic technique in getting more business that some people rely too heavily on it. But in this business, people may not rely on it enough. The idea is that, if someone needs a hotel, then they’re going to look for one and possibly find you. What’s the point of regular marketing if the person who sees it doesn’t need a hotel? Well, that’s why you need to be more selective about where such advertising is hosted. Travel websites, as well as news sites, are great places to market a hotel.

A focus on customer reviews

A negative review for a hotel is incredibly damning. This is one business where people absolutely check out reviews and will be strongly affected by the opinions of others. You need to ensure that all issues raised in reviews are dealt with. If possible, put out a statement in response to the review, acknowledging the problem and announcing a solution. Better yet, invite people to leave feedback during their stay. This helps you deal with the problem immediately, and perhaps preventing a negative review occurring. Better rooms

I’ve been around the world and stayed in several hotels. You would be amazed at how uncomfortable some of the furniture is in there. This is a massive mistake in the hotel business. Quality bedding, for example, is nowhere near as expensive to get as a lot of business owners seem to think. The quality of a bed greatly affects a customer’s ability to sleep. And their ability to sleep greatly affects the enjoyment of their vacation! Make it a priority to work with quality bedding suppliers.

More power to the staff

A problem during their stay doesn’t necessarily make or break a customer’s enjoyment of your hotel. Most people know that not everything is going to be perfect. What they do expect, however, is that any problem that does occur is resolved as quickly as possible. And this rarely happens in hotels. Why? Because the owner of the hotel has to call so many of the shots. Employees generally do very little to assist without the direction of the manager. This is why you should give your staff more power and responsibility. This allows them more leeway when it comes to resolving problems quickly.

Get good WiFi in there!

WiFi is no longer a snazzy perk that only flashy hotels offer. People use the Internet all the time now. When you don’t have good WiFi, they’re going to be pretty unhappy. And I’m not talking about WiFi as a paid extra, here. All of your rooms should have free WiFi, or at least very cheap WiFi. Not providing this is almost like not providing running water to the modern hotel customer. Okay, that may be a little overly dramatic – but no WiFi isn’t going to make you a popular hotel. People are going to look at other options. After all, your competitors are mostly providing free WiFi for all guests.

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