Common Causes Of Workplace Fires: How To Protect Your Business


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As exciting the idea of running your own business might be, it could all go up in smoke with just one mistake.

The threat of a fire is an ever-present one, and it can occur for all sorts of reasons.

We’ve gathered some of the common hazards to watch out for, as well as some helpful tips to prevent them in the first place.


1. Human Error

It’s far too easy for human error to become a factor in a workplace fire. It’s one of the most common reasons they start, to begin with, and it’s not hard to understand why.

All it takes is one person to burn something in the kitchen or spill a drink onto electrical equipment to cause a huge hazard.

The best ways to avoid this from occurring is to implement effective fire training for your employees. Whether you do this via an in-house seminar or provide e-learning tools is totally up to you.


2. Electrical Fires

It might not surprise you to hear that electrical fires are possibly the most common cause of all. The obvious dangers come in the form of loose wires, overloaded plugs and much more.

Businesses don’t always take as much care as they should in getting equipment tested, leading to electrical fires.

Another danger comes in the form of data center rooms and systems overheating. Equipment like servers that give off a huge amount of heat is vulnerable to fires in the worst cases.

Good data center designers protect against this with fire safety measures to prevent this issue from occurring.


3. Flammable Liquids

Businesses that operate in factories and warehouses might come into contact with flammable liquids on a regular basis. Without the right safety measures in place, this could cause a catastrophic fire in the worst instances.

If you come into contact with these types of liquids, you need to set a clear safety policy for the business and its employees. Ensure that everyone adheres to it as necessary, or the results could be fatal.

There are easy ways to dispose of dangerous liquids safely, and outsourced companies can also help with this.


4. Arson

What, you don’t think this is a common cause? Unfortunately, it’s a fairly frequent thing. Certain businesses will be targeted with arson more than others, of course, but you should always prevent against it.

In particularly bad cases, an arson fire can spread across multiple buildings causing horrendous damage.

So, what can you do? Fireproof shutters are one way of protecting your business in the event that a vandal targets it.

You could also think about installing additional security measures like CCTV to deter would-be criminals. The more security you can implement both inside and outside the business; the less likely you are to be targeted.


5. General Negligence

Sometimes, negligence doesn’t come in the form of human error. It can take all sorts of forms, from improperly storing paper to covering air supplies. The person knows they’re doing it, but they don’t understand the repercussions.

Again, these kinds of behaviors can be solved with company training. It’s imperative to get across that fire safety needs to be taken seriously within the business.


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