Business Burglaries: Which Businesses Are Most Likely To Get Robbed?

transport.jpgThe risk of robbery is a very real prospect for any business operating throughout the world. Businesses are attractive targets due to their high levels of income. As a result, they require adequate security measures to deal with the risk. There are a few types of businesses that are at particular risk, however. We’re going to detail them for you today. If your business falls into these categories, you might want to think about security more thoroughly.


You’re not surprised that this one made the list, are you?! Yes, retail is a very prime target for thieves out there. The reasons are plentiful and obvious. Many retail stores don’t come with all too much security, especially some of the smaller ones out there. Yet, they’re making considerable amounts of money on a regular basis and holding lots of stock. It’s no coincidence that burglars often target places like mobile phone stores.


Again, this is fairly self-explanatory. When you don’t use one dedicated location to store your goods, you’re bound to run into trouble. Unfortunately, a barrage of trucks carrying stock around the country is going to attract attention. It’s very obvious that you’re carrying a lot of equipment, and thieves will target those with high-value stock. Unfortunately, the lack of security embedded within many of these trucks means that it’s all too easy for them in some scenarios.


The threat of a bank robbery is very real, but it’s also a foolish idea on the part of a thief. If they’re going to attempt this, they’re either not very clever, or they’ve spotted an exploitable weakness. If you’re in the position of managing a bank, I’m sure you’re aware of the security measures you must take. Ultimately, if something like this does occur, it’s your priority to protect yourself in the first instance. Don’t be a hero for the sake of the business.


When you’re working in a giant warehouse with masses of stock, theft is bound to occur. However, it isn’t normally as a result of outsiders making their way in. In many cases, warehouse theft is actually internal, being carried out by employees. Sometimes, the temptation is just too much when there’s nobody around. If you’re operating a warehouse business, it might be worth considering hiring security guards to prevent this. This sort of thing is offered around the country at places like All Time Security.

When you’re working in construction, you’re often finding yourself on different construction sites. You’re making do with the space available to you, but that means security isn’t always up to scratch. In particular, your construction site might be a target at night, due to its colossal nature and lack of security. Again, this is where additional security can be sought, from manned solutions to CCTV.

These five businesses are particularly robbery-prone. Still, it doesn’t mean the rest should neglect security. You never just know if you’re the next target, and the only way to prevent that is to deter these would-be criminals.

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