Weathering the Business Storms: Leading a Startup through Tough Times

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If you’re new to leading a business, especially as a start-up, weathering the storms through any difficult period is a very testing time.

To be able to lead a company through a hard time, there are qualities that you must possess as a leader to deal with anything that is thrown at you.

Changes in an organization are stressful for everyone, not just the leaders. There can be problems with staff, marketing, and general morale being low.

So, as a leader, what do you need to be able to lead a company through harsh times?


1. Lead By Example

When you run a business, you need to make sure that the primary value when it comes to relationships in the workplace is trust. You need to treat people how you would like to be treated. Do this you need to set an example of the type of company you would want to work in.

As you are the person in charge people looking to you for guidance, support, and ultimately the answers. So you need to be presenting energy, intelligence and enthusiasm.

You need to have enthusiasm for the business, the product and, of course, your valued employees. If you feel that your leadership skills need fine tuning, you can go on courses with companies such as Frosch Learning.


2. Having Dedicated Staff

Having staff dedicated to the brand is what you need to make your business successful. In the difficult world of startups finding the right staff member can be a significant challenge.

You can streamline your efforts by looking online at networking sites like LinkedIn to assist you with your search and looking for the right person. With sites like LinkedIn being able to find the right type of employee can be as simple as inputting a few keywords into the search engine.

This helps save you time, effort and resources. Once you have found the right people regarding their skills, you need to make sure the day will benefit the business in the early days.

You need to be able to push them to work a little bit harder. And if they have a dedication to the company and the product it will be easier to encourage them to do this and they will stick to the business.


3. Make Your Marketing Strategy Airtight

This cannot be underestimated. When he comes to running a business you need to know your product, you need to know your market, and you need to know how to connect the two together.

There is only one approach for this and that is to work on making your marketing strategy as tight as a drum.

If you feel that there are issues in your strategy, then you need to go back to the drawing board, or if you are struggling then you need to outsource to a marketing agency.

The marketing strategy feeds into the business plan which feeds into your product. The marketing strategy is the foundation on which your whole advertising ethos will be based.


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