Grow an Agriculture Startup Today!

steve-agricutureSome people out there seem to believe that agriculture isn’t really a thriving business option anymore. Well, it’s still the biggest business in the world! Not only is it helping with food production, but it’s also leading the way in biotechnology. Agricultural startups are still popular business pursuits! If you’re looking to start one up yourself, check out this quick guide. These are the essentials you need to remember.

The government may be willing to help you

Governments around the world want to help domestic businesses thrive. But it’s the agricultural sector that often gets more grants than other businesses. Governments know that the agricultural business is still the most important business there is.

They also know that it isn’t cheap to start one up. After all, the land, labor, and equipment are going to be pretty heavy on the wallet! Draw up a detailed business plan and see if you can qualify for a government grant to start an agricultural business. Remember that the process is pretty competitive, so you’ll really need to stand out.

You’re gonna have to be friendly to the environment

The agriculture industry doesn’t have the best reputation at the moment. It is, in fact, the biggest contributor to environmental damage. This leads a lot of people to believe that the pursuit necessitates environmental damage. But this isn’t really true.

There are plenty of practices you can engage in to help keep a farm green. Some of the most important things to keep in mind are water usage and pesticide and chemical usage.

If the soil is no good, you’re in trouble

All that environmental damage hasn’t done much good for our soil. If you’re looking at buying a piece of land, then you need to be very careful. How do you know anything is going to grow properly there? How do you know that digging around in there isn’t going to cause you some serious health problems? Almost by definition, a successful agriculture business needs good, healthy, fertile land. If you’re interested in a piece of land, you should look into consulting earth scientists. Get the soil inspected before you make any commitments.

You need machinery. Lots of it.

And this is why a government grant, or a traditional business loan, is going to come in so handy. A lot of the equipment most people use every day seems to be shrinking. (Well, it was for a while. Smartphones seem to be getting bigger again.) But farming equipment is still big, bulky, and expensive. It’s also essential. Trucks, tractors, combine harvesters… It’s a big shopping list. A lot of startups here will want to look into finance options for farming equipment.

Agricultural technology is advancing

Don’t worry: there’s still plenty of evolution going on in agricultural technology. Not everything is still expensive, slow, and bulky! There are a lot of mobile apps these days that are made specifically for helping people in this industry. Agricultural estimations can be aided, for example, by Pioneer Field 360. Other technologies can also find an innovative use in agriculture. Drones, for example, can be used to survey your land, saving tons of time and energy!


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