Laying the Foundations for Your Own Architecture Business: The Dos and Don’ts

Architecture.jpgArchitecture is currently one of the hottest professions out there. According to the data, people with architecture degrees get the third biggest return of any undergrads. That’s just behind doctors and lawyers. This should come as no surprise. With the real estate industries booming again, architects are in massive demand.
But how to budding architects build a path to that glorious, and financially rewarding, future? I’m glad you asked. Here are some of the dos and don’ts for becoming a world-class architect.

Do Get Your Feet Wet First

Before starting your own architecture business, you need to build up your own portfolio. The best way to do this is to get a job with an existing firm. You can start earning your IDP hours right away. And once you’ve got going on this track, you can get on your way to becoming licensed. A range of architect jobs can be found here, so make sure you check out your options.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Old-School Firms

With the rise of new technologies, architecture is changing. It’s no longer the paper-pushing art it once was. Instead, it’s being driven by millennial who want to apply new technologies. If you’re looking to launch your own business, you want to find a job with a firm that’s going places.

Do Network In the Architecture Community

The architecture community is a thriving one with plenty of opportunities for meeting new people and networking. Often, there’s an official body which represents the architecture community in each country. In the US, for instance, there’s the American Institute of Architects. Sign up to the relevant body and try to stay in touch with other people in your industry. They’ll be able to advise you, let you know which projects are hot right now, and offer support.

Don’t Get Upset With Clients

Once you branch out and start your own architecture business, you’ll begin encountering customers on your own. This is where things can start to get difficult. Often customers will insist on a certain look or design that you just can’t agree upon. But don’t get angry. Instead, be patient and listen to what they want to achieve.

Then sit them down with a bunch of different possible designs and try to open them up to new ideas. Often, it’s as easy as showing a client a few more examples of what works and what doesn’t.

Do Differentiate Yourself

There are a lot of architects out there, all vying for clients. So you need something that makes you a little different from your competitors. Perhaps you have expertise in designing Zen self-builds. Or maybe you’re great when it comes to extensions on 1960s housing.

Don’t Forget Technology

Architectural technology has come a long way since the early days. Today, the best architects are using digital technology to layer up and integrate their designs. This is called Building Information Modeling. And it’s the next step in the evolution after computer aided design.

BIM allows multiple users to edit different layers of a structure. (Say, the electrics, or the lift shaft and then smart computer technology helps to bring it all seamlessly together without conflict.




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