Need Amazing Office Space? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Office Space.jpgAn office is seen as a pretty basic step for a business. Sure, no-one thinks it’s going to be an absolute breeze to find the perfect place for your company. But there are usually so many factors at play that business owners don’t even consider before they make their final decision.

Your employees are going to be greatly affected by the location, the design, and the amount of space. And anything that affects your employees is going to affect the output of your company.

Here are a few of the things you need to pay closer attention to than you might be already.


If your office is in a big thriving city, then it’s obviously going to carry a sense of “cool” with it. A lot of employees love to work in places like London or New York City just because they’re such busy and famous cities. On the other hand, such cities can often be a hassle to work in.

How far away is your workplace going to be from reasonable residential areas? If you’re working in the heart of a commercial hub, then most people living there are going to be high-earners already. That demographic might not be where you’re expecting to pull workers from. You should also consider if you’d be willing to cover the high travel expenses that come with being in such a city.


It’s tricky working out what size you want your office to be. If you’re expecting to grow, then you’ll want to have some extra space. But if you get too much space, then you could be throwing money away. Your best bet is to look at it in terms of percentage. How likely is it that your employee number will grow by, say, 25% in the next two or three years? Work that out and plan office space accordingly.

Of course, if your business is really small, or even a solo operation? Then the type of office you’ll want to work in doesn’t need to be too elaborate. In fact, you could even look into a co-working office. If you need a professional space in which to do business, this could be the ideal solution. Not everyone can run operations from home all the time, after all!


The style of your office is going to affect the first impressions of both employees and clients. When you’re shopping around for offices, style is one of the things you should keep a sharp eye on. But remember that the style of your office won’t be apparent immediately. Try to picture what it will look like once you’ve got all your equipment in there. What looks like a good style might turn out to be pretty uncomfortable!

The layout will have a big effect on the atmosphere of your office. For most companies, the layout will be dictated by the existing style of the office as well as its size. But another thing you should consider is the presence of natural light. The more natural light you can get in an office, the better. It’s better for worker productivity, much more so than artificial lighting!



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