Outsource: The Case For and Against Outsourcing

outsourcingIn the world of business, the word “outsourcing” can come with many connotations. For some, it is a dirty word.

This is because the very nature of it is taking away work from in-house staff and can incur business costs that may not be wanted.


For some businesses, it is an essential tool, such as a solopreneur. Using the talents of others to help further your business comes with its pros and cons.

Pro: A Distant Relationship

This works for many reasons. From the employee’s point of view, it makes for a less personable relationship and is purely professional. So, you can let them get on with the project they were hired to do with minimal interference.

This is especially useful in areas such as IT outsourcing. From the employer’s perspective, it means less time spent on enforcing a rule to enable them to do their real job of running the business.

Con: Lack of Communication

Overseeing a project where your staff is located in a different time zone can make for logistical headaches. You could, for example, work in the USA and are outsourcing a company that is based in the UK.

Then, an email relationship is the only way to rely on liaising with the worker. Project delays can be very common due to a difference in time zones, and waiting for an answer to a question you asked 12 hours ago can prove to be very frustrating.

Pro: It’s Easy to Hire and Fire

A distant relationship doesn’t bring personal feelings into the mix. If you feel a person is not right for the role anymore, you can remove them from the project quickly without hurt feelings.

Con: It’s Difficult to Oversee the Operation

You are not able to guarantee that they are working with the focus and attention you would like them to. Again, without being able to schedule regular meetings and catch up sessions, you are purely relying on their skill and feedback.

You would be hoping the project will be delivered promptly and to your standard. A way to combat this is to give mini-deadlines for each part of the project.

Pro: It Makes For a 24 Hour Business

If you have hired someone to complete work on the other side of the world, they are working in a different time zone to you. So when you go to sleep, the business is technically still operating. And, if the task can be completed in a short space of time, it will be ready when you wake up the next day.

Pro: It’s Easy to Post Your Projects

With websites dedicated to the world of freelancers, you can post a project and fill a position promptly. The management process of deliverables, project cancellations and payment schedules can be effortless with online tools such as Guru or Freelancer.

Outsourcing contractors can have its perils. But depending on the nature of your business, it could be an essential tool for you in making sure you are getting work done quickly, effectively and successfully.

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